April Intakes? :)

Discussion in 'RFA' started by 77DEEPS77, Oct 21, 2014.

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  1. Hey guys and girls! I was wondering who from Scotland is potentially heading down to Portsmouth in April?

    Where about in Scotland are you's? :)
  2. Sunderland so near enough ha ha
  3. Has anyone who is due to start the new apprenticeship course as of April 2015 been given a definite start date yet? Sure I read somewhere on here that a start date of mid July was given to someone.
  4. 77Deeps77 said he had got June or July for MM2 apprenticeship apparently he had a letter with the change of date on
  5. Thanks Emma562. That must be the one I read somewhere. Was wondering if anyone else had been given a definite date yet. I'm Comms on the new Apprentice scheme and so far I've been given a start date of April 2015 but wouldn't be surprised to see that change.

    Are you on the new new Apprentice scheme? If so what role and what's your start date?
  6. Yes I'm on the April apprenticeship for seaman grade two (SG2). I should hopefully get my formal offer soon as all my checks are now complete :)
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  7. Good luck and let us know if your start date changes from April.
  8. Thanks, good luck to you too
  9. Hello goose mate! Yeah I got the provisional offer for June 20th MM2 have you had any word yet?
  10. No I haven't as of yet. Were you originally told April 2015 as a start date?
  11. yeah mate got a letter saying January was full but offering me the apprenticeship, I had to send back a confirmation of interest in that then a second letter with a provisional offer for June was sent out to me just start of Dec with joining forms and immunisation forms ect. What was the last info you were sent?
  12. Pretty much the same. Got told I wasnt on last CR2 course but was offered a place on first apprenticeship scheme starting In April 2015 which I accepted.

    In process of applying for Discharge book and having immunisations and medical and getting security clearance. So up to now, all being well, it's April start as far as I know.
  13. Braw mate I've just got my ENG 1 done yesterday, I'm away for 4 weeks on a course to earn some tokens to pay for the discharge book and immunisations now. Haha, happy days :) June cant come quick enough.
  14. I have one immunisation left to get and then they all done. Got ENG1 start of Feb and I am waiting for security clearance and discharge book applications to go through. So hopefully all done in time and start in April 2015.
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  15. I'm fully complete now for April just waiting to hear from them :) good luck all.
  16. Good luck to you. Any idea when you will receive formal offer? Are you expecting start date to change from April?
  17. I thought people normally heard back once everything was done, so maybe they will be in touch soon.
    I think it will stay as april as the intake for MM2 have already been told theirs has changed. I've heard nothing other then they said everything is complete.
  18. Well all of our bits and pieces for CR2 need to be sorted by 15th Feb 2015. So I think we will be advised of a definite start date shortly after that.
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  19. Hey everyone, I'm one of those that should be starting the CR2 apprenticeship in April when checks etc are done. I was just wondering whether anyone in the same position has completed their Security check and if so how long it took? I sent mine of on the 29th of October and it says on their website that the average time to complete is 30 days but I've still yet to hear back from them, just wondered whether anyone else in in the same position as its starting to worry me a bit now what with the date of 15th Feb (for all checks etc to be done-which they have been bar SC in my case) given above. Cheers!
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  20. You wont here from them unless something shows up that needs clarification.

    The next thing you should receive (provided your checks are ok) is your final offer, this can be as late as 10 days before your start date.

    You could always contact the RFA at the end of this month if you havnt heard anything.

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