April Fools Pranks


Lantern Swinger
Taped over the bosses phone reciever, so it carries on ringing when he picked it up!

Next will be to unplug his phone from the wall but leave it looking like it has not been touched. Revenge will be his though
Ive changed some of the keys on my colleagues keyboard, which was a right laugh as he typed a letter this morning.

I also changed his mouse settings to left handed, his background screen to bright yellow and his text font to pink.

Hes locked his PC now...........no idea why. :thumright:
I dont wait all year to mess with my hubs mind, Do it all the time SOOOOOOOO much more fun as HE never knowes whats next....

(well i have never said i was nice...!!!!!)


Lantern Swinger
I glued down a pound to my bosses desk (to also test how much he wanted the pound and to also deduce thus how much he gets paid)

He spent 10 mins trying to get it off to know avail. SUCKER

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