April 4th redundancy numbers.

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by andybenw, Mar 10, 2011.

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  1. I have heard a few figures floating around. Sounds like some of the numbers required for redundancy are pretty much known already. I suppose these will be constantly updated and tweaked up until the 4th april but has anybody got any specifics as now. I'm not after guesses, but reasonably solid rumours.

    eg Heard last week 30 CPOET(ME) were going to be asked for.
  2. All I've heard is rumours, buzzes & jungle drums, roll on 4th April.
  3. You've answered your own question (my bold). There are only rumours, not solid rumours. Personally, I don't really care, I'm excluded!
  4. I imagine most things said before April 4th will be based on rumour, scaremongering, tripe and general dog's doodahs - IMO of course. I prefer to trust what I read on the intranet, Dins and the like.
  5. CPOETs of nearly all flavours would seem ripe for a cull, as de-enrichment will mean their billets can be filled by POETs which will give cost savings. Whether it will be cheaper to pay off the ones with quite a bit of time still to do, and hang onto those nearer their time just to tide things over until enough POETs are grown, or to take equal amounts across the board will be the decider. Everyone should have a good idea of how over or under-borne their particular level is. I know that I am in a shortage category, and we have already been told there will be no redundancies for us.
  6. It's a DIB (whatever the difference is): SERIAL: 2011DIB/21

    Armed Forces personnel urged to check redundancy calculations following an earlier system error
    All Service Personnel
    To be briefed for Information and Action by all civilian and Service line managers
    • A bespoke Armed Forces Redundancy Calculator (AFRC) was launched online on 1 March 2011 coinciding with the announcement of the RAF Redundancy Fields (2011DIN01-060).
    • On 14 March 2011, the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA) were alerted to a potential error with the Calculator. Subsequent SPVA manual calculations confirmed the error.
    • A new amended, tested and fully working version of the AFRC (v1.2) was made available online at 18:00 on 15 March 2011.
    • The error affects some Service Personnel in the following four groups:
    o Those on AFRS 06 and AFRS 10 terms with a Break in Service;
    o Those on AFRS 10 with an Enlistment date before age 18;
    o Those on AFRS 10 terms who are Officers with an Enlistment date before age 21;
    o Those on AFRS 06 terms who are Rejoiners.
    • Service Personnel considering redundancy are encouraged to make use of version 1.2 of the Calculator when seeking financial forecasts and may wish to check any earlier forecasts.
    • SPVA apologise for any inconvenience caused by this error.
    1. On 14 March, the SPVA were alerted to potential errors with the online Armed Forces Redundancy Calculator (AFRC). SPVA undertook manual calculations and confirmed the error. The SPVA instructed the contractor to identify the erroneous program code and to effect and test a fix. This was achieved on 15 March, and a fully amended, tested and working version (v1.2) of the calculator was made available online at 18:00.
    2. SPVA have identified that some Service Personnel in the following four groupings may be affected:
    • AFRS 06 and AFRS 10 - Break in Service - if you have entered a break in service under either redundancy scheme you will need to produce another forecast.
    • AFRS 10 - Enlistment date before age 18 - if you have an enlistment date before age 18 under AFRS 10 you will need to produce another forecast.
    • AFRS 10 - Officers with an Enlistment date before age 21 - if you are an officer with an enlistment date before age 21 under AFRS 10 you will need to produce another forecast.
    • AFRS 06 - Rejoiner - if you are a rejoiner and entered a period of service to be aggregated with your current service under AFRS 06 you will need to produce another forecast.
    1. Subsequent checks, for a sample of those captured by the above groupings have confirmed that not everyone is affected.
    2. The number of Service Personnel affected will be further limited given that the application window (for redundancy volunteers) for the Army and the RN does not open until 4 Apr 11, and so the immediate impact of this error is limited to RAF personnel (as their application window opened on 1 Mar 11 and remains open until 12 Apr 11). However, since its launch on 1 Mar 11, the AFRC has undertaken some 70,000 financial forecasts for Service Personnel considering redundancy therefore it is clear there will be tri-Service interest in this minor programming error.
    3. Chains of Command have already been alerted and will further reinforce the message to individuals that may have already or be in the process of applying for consideration for redundancy by recommending all to re-confirm their redundancy calculations.
    4. RAF personnel who find they are unacceptably worse off will be able to withdraw their application by telephone up until the closing date of applications on 12 Apr 11. After this date, if selected, an individual will have the right of appeal where due consideration will be given to this issue.
    5. Redundancy Fields for Army and RN personnel are due to be announced on 4 Apr 11 and the accompanying DINs will make it clear that version 1.2 of the AFRC should be used in seeking financial forecasts.
    Regular Armed Forces Compulsory Redundancy Programme: Melanie Young, DCDS Pers Pay & Manning Assistant Head, 0207 21 86869
    Armed Forces Redundancy Calculator:
    Defence Internal Briefs (DIBs) are released by the DMC Internal Communications Team. If you have any questions or feedback on the contents of this brief, please speak to the named subject contact identified above.
    For past DIBs see: http://defenceintranet.diiweb.r.mil.uk/DefenceIntranet/


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