apptitude test

hi gang

is there anywhere online where there are mock apptitude tests for the RFA i would love to know the type of questions we would be asked to answer more worried about my maths than anything.

cheers in advance

Hello mate,

When you apply you will get a practice book for the RT.its the same for RFA / RN. There is a PDF you can download from the RN MOD website but ive been unable to find it for you.

Also your locale library should have some books which may be of help. If you get on TOOTP Jnr may be able to help.
hi yes i subscribe to tootp ive got my application pack but still not sent it off i need to contact OH and find out if my colour vision will stop me becoming a steward...i was ok in the RN as a chef but not sure what the RFA say about this.

cheers mark
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