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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Boyley, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. Hi i initialy applied for RM in october and sat my psychometric and completed my eye test but i couldnt get my running up to scratch and the thought of a 30mile run at the end of training was daunting, i know i wouldnt be able to keep up with that

    i still wanted to be part of the navy, its a great life and my grandad tells me all the time about which countries hes been to

    i changed my application to Weapon Engineer Submariner, i have a friend whos a ME(SM) and says its brilliant

    ive got a medical on the 25th of this month, just wondering how long from there before PJFT, interview and raleigh i just want to get down there and prove myself
  2. Have a look through the other forums using the search button, this topic appears almost hourly
  3. Boyley

    Suggest interview in April, PJFT in May ......
  4. Please don;t quote me on this however i'm hearing that there is a big waiting list for WE(SM) at the moment, I currently serve as a WE(SM), so I am bias however a word of advice - If sucessfull you will early days (well at least I did) at the end of raleigh be (hopefully) asked if you wish to be:

    TWS - Tactical Weapons = Able to serve on S,T,V,A class boats - however i would be surprised if S will still be going. You job will run from being a maintainer of Sonar, Small arms, Comms to discharge weapons.

    SWS - Strategic Weapon System = Able to only serve on V Boats (only based in Faslane, Scotland) - Working on and around monitoring the Strat weapons. Or working on and maintaining the boat nav equiptment.

    Hopefully you may be able to make a more informed decision as they will probably ask you at a point that you dont know the difference.

    Good Luck!!
  5. pointless post, is that what you've posted for your other 12 posts also?

    anyway soleil, etsandy many thanks for your replies, i was told that you have to do the medical 28 days after completion of your medical is that correct? i have a friend who's a MA(SM) on a SSN, i understand your either chosen for SSBN's or SSN's, he reccomended the second option for your first couple of years because you spend more time at see, get to see the world and thus more jollies

    where as on the SSBN's you get more time at home but dont get any jollies is that correct?
  6. Eh!
  7. Yes, that's about correct. For info there is another thread about waiting times which is kept up to date by the covers all branches I believe.
  8. Waiting Time ETWE(SM) is 12 months at the moment.
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    By no means was it a pointless post, use the search button, there is a wealth of information in the Newbies thread already, or do you expect people to find it for you
  10. V Boats (SSBN) are often refered to as the married mans boat - you will have a more structured routine and should all going well have not bad duties and time off. You are correct in saying V-Boats don't get jollies, you may be very lucky and get the states - but that is by no means a reason to go for it!

    S,T & A (SSN) boats will have generaly more time at sea, at a less structured interval. However you will get jollies to allot of places, most deployments.

    If your a single lad go for SSN, if you settled with wife/husband(equal opps ;) ) then you may want to look at SSBN

    I'm a SSBN rating and married so it suites me very well (more so my Mrs) so I would be happy to answer any questions that I am able to about that. I'm sure there is a few fleet boat'ers around that can help with SSN.
  11. Estandy i was in my AFCO 2 weeks ago and got told the following about jobs as a submariner which is also what i am applying for.

    WE/SM 6months

    WS/SM 10 months

    ME/SM 11 months

    I don't know if that has changed since, I was also told that due to me being in the Army before and now applying for the Navy i won't be penalised for the waiting time for my doc's from Glasgow. But i don't know how true that is.
  12. soleil said earlier that it was about 12 months for WESM - I have heard around about that figure - so I would go with that as a worst case scenario.

    WESM and MESM are both the technical branches - these will incur longer and more time on course allot more exams and study work. However this being said will (as long as you work hard) also allow fast(ish) rank promotion. Further down the line at PO level you will have worked towards a Foundation Degree.

    WSSM will branch into either SSM(Sonar) or TSM(Tactical) This is not a technical branch. You will spend less time on course and less time doing study. Im not sure about rank progression however - i'm sure we have some TS's and SSM on here that can shine a light.
  13. Ok thanks for the info :D
  14. Im going for WSS and was also told 10-11 months wait so thats pretty accurate. Truthfully id be happy to reach leading hand within my career as i think its decent enough for me pay wise taking into account the extra pay as a deep aswell. Do you see many SSMs as PO and above? Or are they all mostly ABs?

    Im not even in yet so shouldn't be talking about promotions haha! Oh well.

    Im going to ask for SSN if i get the choice, i want to see the world a bit!
  15. You will get the Rank pyramid -

    1 CPO
    2 PO
    4 Leading Hands
    8 AB's

    (Only and Example)

    So yes there will always bee higher rank senior rates.
  16. Waiting times for WE(SM) seem about right. I'm a WE on T boats and have heard that they're getting pretty close to the desired manning level. You always get people failing courses though (mostly seems to be the Engineering aspect at Collingwood), so waiting times can fluctuate because of this.
  17. hi thanks for all the advice

    hopefully i can operate on the SSN's. i have a girlfriend etc but im only 19 and still want to travel the world so i feel its the right option for me

    i think i made a mistake in my original post my question was do you have 28 days from completion of your medical to pass your PJFT? or is this just the case for RM?
  18. Yeah its 28 days from passing your medical that you have to undertake the PJFT. They will get a letter out to you pronto after your medical papers have got to the AFCO, don't worry about it.
  19. Unfortunately you don't really have that much say in the matter. You'll be asked what your preference is but that's about as much input as you'll have into it. When I was training my entire class were put on T boats, the class after all got bombers. All depends on where the shortages are at the time. We're all going up north within the next 3-10 years anyway so don't think it's really gonna matter what you end up on. Yea you get to travel more on T boats, but you also go away for a hell of a lot longer and gone are the days of constantly visiting far away and exotic places.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is don't get disheartened if you end up on V boats, submarines is a good life where you'll make the best of friends and a shed load of cash while you're doing it!!

    Good luck with whatever happens.
  20. I totally agree, best attitude to take.

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