Appropriate dress code?

Hi all,

Have just sent off my application, I'm going to be having a briefing to help me decide between Submarine or Surface.

I know it's pre-interview, but I still want to give a good impression.

What would you recommend to wear for this? Would full suit and tie be too much? Want to get everything right from the get go!



War Hero
The only time you need to dress to impress is for the selection interview itself, when attending PRNC and when you join HMS Raleigh. All other times, clean and casual is fine.
Thank you.

Also, I'm sure I'll be made aware once it comes to it, but where is the medical carried out? I'm taking a guess it's not at the AFCO?


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Some are, some aren't. As correctly observed, your AFCO will advise the appointment details at the time of booking. My AFCO uses 5 different doctors in 4 different locations.

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