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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Taffd, May 11, 2010.

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  1. A bit of a delicate one this.

    With my son being a Bootneck, we invested in a flagpole, which is viewable by the neighbours.

    After the latest sad news from Sangin, I decided yesterday to fly the flag at half mast and had intended to do so on any future similar occasions, hoping of course, that it never need happen again.

    My concern is, whether this is appropriate behaviour for a member of the public, and if there is a protocol for this.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    Mods, please put this in another place, should you deem it necessary.
  2. As far as I'm concerned, a big BZ to you, and shame on anyone in your locality who says otherwise.
  3. As already stated by others BZ to you, more people in this country should support our lads and lasses. If you look at the yanks... quite a lot of the homes out there fly the Stars and Stripes from flagpoles..... why does the satzi style councils in this country have such a low opinion of patriotism. IMO fly the flag and be proud... anyone who drips should have there testes / tits removed and inserted up their chocolate whizz way !!!!!!!

  4. I'll tell you why.

    Walk around any 'poorer' estate in the ccountry and you will see tattered, dirty St George's flags in the windows, on the houses etc. It looks fucking awful and quite frankly, a mess.

    Proper flag poles = good drills. But I'm not going to jump on the outrage bandwagon with regard to a council's apparent low opinion of patriotism. That's rubbish, but they have a duty to maintain a standard.

    Anyway, I'm not going to crayon on this thread, well done the OP, I'm sure you'll have no problems.
  5. I think its a nice thing to do, if it helps you feel closer to your boy then do it and don't mind too much if you are bending any rules.

    If you are interested there's lots of websites and books dealing with flag display and etiquette, most of them refer to the yanks of course but we have the same basic rules in place, re; colours in the morning, sunset, but also, half-mast on remembrance day up to 11, and other days deemed appropriate eg 7/7, 9/11 (11th Sept). Best of luck with it and enjoy it too.
  6. My old man did it when i did my tour of Iraq. I cant see the problem with it after all you go the States and every where you look you see their flag, why cant we do the same ??.
  7. Actually, I didn't know that. Thanks. (Ex-pinkie - not even sure what a deck is.)

    And thanks for the other replies.
    My concern was not with councils or neighbours, although they've all been positive and supportive, but whether it was OK for me as a private citizen to do the half-mast thing, or if it should be left to 'official bodies'.
  8. Taff

    Completely as an aside, many years ago the Russian Govt decided to commemorate 40 years of the end of the Great Patriotic War (WW2 to us) by issuing medals to their vets and the like. They also decided to give them to the lads from the Russian Convoys (you know the ones that wear the white berets at Nov ceremonies). It was decreed that at that time our vets could not wear them for one reason or another (I think they have to be approved by Her Maj or something).

    Anyway, at the time our govt had not felt it appropriate to mark the service of the Russian Convoy vets with a medal, so in protest some of the vets would wear their Russian medal on the right side. One said to me - 'why not? who is going to stop us? the medal police?'

    And the moral of the story is go for it, who is going to stop you? The flagpole police?
  9. Its where you gets your zeds in......bronzy snoozy.... under the uckers table

    As ex service I think you can fly it anyway you like, and if some jobsworth from the flag police approaches, tell him you told your son its that way but he's a bootie and if he says its Wednesday its F***IN WEDNESDAY...alright?
  10. I don't believe Jimbo to be correct. Every time I have seen a flag at half-mast (and I'm talking about service establishments, RN, RM, and Army), it is in a position about half to two thirds of the way up.


  11. There's a bloke at the end of my road who flies the Union Flag from a flagpole, as far as I'm aware no-one has ever complained. I quite like it as it's the first thing I see when I draw back the curtains in the morning (apart from the neighbours cat digging up the wifes flower beds).
  12. As far as I can recall, on a 'Half Mast Day' the Union Flag must be raised fully for a moment and then lowered to the half-mast position. ie Never raised to only half way up.

    Similarly, when lowering on a 'Half Mast Day' the Union Flag is to be raised fully before being lowered.

    Perhaps some ex-Bunting Tosser will appear after Colours to elaborate.
  13. That is the correct way to half mast a flag. As it is half-masted from beign fully hoisted it is brought down one third of the flagpole.
  14. Explain.

    'In some respects'? 'in some respects'!
    Nice try, but you're not getting away with that.
    You were wrong, have the grace to admit it.
  15. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I beg to disagree - half mast is 2/3 way down the pole. When half-masting colours, you should first of all raise the flag to the top, before returning to the half mast position - likewise when lowering a half masted colour, it should be returned to the close-up position, before being lowered.
  16. I know what you wrote; I only quoted 11 words. It wasn't that you didn't say you were wrong, but that you tried to make out that you were mostly right.

    And all of a sudden, you are the new expert on what does and does not constitute a correctly positioned flag.
  18. :coffee2: :happy1: :pain10:
  19. this is possibly the most pointless arguement i have ever read on here and ive seen many of arguements Mattbea has had!
  20. Not to add fuel to the fire... :D

    But what does this Flag constitute as then?


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