Approaching 25 and very concerned...


I have recently submitted an application to join as an officer - pilot/observer - in the Fleet Air Arm.

I have been filling my days learning about the Navy, operations, getting fit and generally prepping for the process alongside my everyday job.

However, I have read in multiple threads that the application process can take up to a year! As I am 25 at the end of November, I am extremely concerned that the September 2018 intake would be my last opportunity to join the Navy as a P/O (as I must begin training before I am 26). Will this increased emphasis on time be taken into account during my joining process (assuming medical goes smoothly)? Or do I need to start learning some prayers?



War Hero
Under normal circumstances, I'd advise you to face East and pray, however exceptional aircrew candidates who have applied in good time and are delayed through reasons beyond their reasonable control may be eligible for consideration of an age waiver. This isn't because the service is being a good egg, it's because there's a scarcity of viable candidates.

Not so long back, we decreased the joinng age to 24 but have since gone full circle.