Apprentice leave

Hi guys, I'm thinking of returning to a career at sea at the grand old age of 50. The leave situation is of interest to me most of all though.

Can someone please explain the leave for new joiners. As I understand it is 7 days for 28 days served. So if the course is 2 years. Does that leave go up in that two years and if not how many trips would be completed as an apprentice and are they all four months ? Once the apprenticeship is complete does the leave suddenly increase ? Hope all that makes sense.



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That's assuming you get made up after the apprenticeship. There is half a chance that you get to the end of the 2 years and get told at the end "thanks, but we don't need you now" as I have already witnessed!


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It had been said on here many times that there was no guarantee of a job, but I don't think anyone has really taken it seriously.

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