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Apprentice Comms Course January.


Hi there everyone. I have recently passed the interview for the apprentice comms course in January and have a provisional offer subject to medical and SC etc. If anyone else is due to start the same course I think it would be good to get in contact in order to have an idea of who we will be training with. Send me a message if you like and if there are any comms apprentices currently in training If you could give me any details on life throughout training it would be appreciated. I also want to thank members of the forum past and present for providing information and helping people out. I wouldn't have made it this far without the forum so thank you.

Batman n Robin

Lantern Swinger
You need to take civvy clothes & washgear. I would also suggest a laptop with lots of TV & films on, rooms at Collingwood have no TVs in them. You can also take a TV with you if you want. I was at Raleigh for my training & one of my group had a tele and PS3 in his room. There aint a lot outside the camp to be honest. Asda and a bowling alley in the immediate vicinity.

Take sports kit too if that floats your boat... there is no compulsory PT for RFA though.

There are bars on the camp, there is also wifi at collingwood but it was a bit pricey if memory serves me right... i was only there for a weeks gun course though.

Am sure as RFA you can take your car if you have one. Our group at Raleigh were allowed to but RN lads & lasses are not able to.


Crug, Greenation, you guys had your ENG1 yet? Passed mine the other day so, I'm glad to get that out of the way. Hoping to have all the vaccinations finished soon also.


Crug, Greenation, you guys had your ENG1 yet? Passed mine the other day so, I'm glad to get that out of the way. Hoping to have all the vaccinations finished soon also.

Hey Nelson I passed the ENG1 yeah. The only things I have left to do are to get my blood type confirmed and the vaccinations. That's for today and tomorrow.

HMS Collingwood 3rd of January yes?


I'm on the reserve list for the 3rd but, if a place doesn't come up it will be the 17th April! I've got just two or three vaccinations left to get now (getting two Thrursday and have to arrange Meningitis C possibly for Friday if it doesn't interfere with others) and have to arrange to find out blood type and giving blood seems the easiest way to find out as the nurse in my GPs hasn't got a clue how to find out otherwise. Discharge book arrived the other day also.

Gutted it looks like it will be April 17th but, made up to have got this far though and I'm sure the time will fly by. There's only 5 or 6 places on the Comms course so places are obviously very limited.


Hey guys,

Not had my medical yet going to have to wait until the end of the month for payday. Donating blood seems like the easiest and cheapest way to get your blood group. It's a good cause as well I suppose. Managed to get a few vaccines on the nhs but the rest need to be via a travel clinic. Any of you guys know what security clearance involves? Still to get that sent away for as well.

The old scopie

Lantern Swinger
Hi Guys,

I'm on my phase 1 Comms at the moment and a lot of what Batman n robin says is right. Although the wifi is not too bad and its free so you can watch TV and download things if you want. The sports facilities are excellent as you'd expect.

There is a Costcutter on camp but if you need anything its best to walk over to Asda as its a lot cheaper for washing powder,teabags,coffee and clothes if you need them. I bought a double pack of pillows, £3, as the one you get is a feather one as next to useless.

Let me know if you need anymore info and also I should ee you in Jan as I'll br back for sea survival, so long as I get through phase 1 that is :)


Scopie are you on the Maths, English, I.T. part at the moment or have you started the course proper yet? How are you finding it?

The old scopie

Lantern Swinger
Hi Nelson,
Just finished the core skills stuff on Friday and about to start the trade training on Monday. It's been a long time since I was at school, 35 years since I left, but I found it ok. The instructors are all civvies and easy to get on with and they do help you through, also you get to do a couple of mock papers before you do the exam.

If you have the GCSE's for maths, ict and English you don't have to do those weeks but you will have to do some work to show your competence in the subject. To be honest I did all three weeks and its not difficult as you only need a level 1 for the apprenticeship so I just got on with it as it was a good refresher and helped to brush up old skills.

lee g s

What is day to day life like on the comms apprenticeship I'm due to start in April is there any fitness involved atall or drilling ?

Batman n Robin

Lantern Swinger
Hi Lee

There is no compulsory fitness training or drill for the RFA.

Any fitness you wish to do is in your own time and the RFA currently dont do synchronised walking in a line.

lee g s

Thanks batman had a lot of information in regards to other subjects on this forum, however not much on the day to day life of my initial training period at collingwood, could you possibly shed some light on this for me please ? Cheers.

The old scopie

Lantern Swinger
Hi Lee
The course is fairly straightforward you do have to do 3 weeks key skills in English,Maths & IT but that is a easy enough. The course proper gives you a basic level of working in Comms so you learn maritime signal flags, morse code with flashing light, radio comms etc.

You are treated like a grown up and you do have 7 exams to do during your time at Collingwood but so long as you do the work and study it's straightforward enough. The instructors are RFA and very good. You are free on weekends and don't have any duties on camp. Also no marching etc cos you are a civvie. Just get stuck in and enjoy, btw AIB is for the officers course only so if you've had your interview and offer letter it's Collingwood next.

I've completed my phase 1 and n Dec and BSSC a couple of weeks ago and am now on the RFA training ship for a bit but will see you at Collingwood at some point.

The Old Scopie

lee g s

Thanks very much for taking the time to reply scopie, so after the first 3 weeks how long does the flags and signals training last ? And is it onto ship after that no one has really explained it clearly to me sorry to be a pain !
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