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Hey guys,
So I'm trying to apply as an Apprentice Comms rating but everytime I click on 'Apply' and I'm taken to the next page where you have to fill out what Service, Branch and Role, you want to do from the drop down menu, every apprenticeship is up there apart from Comms? Is it just a glitch on my laptop or is there a reason for this?

Many thanks in advance
I received an email back around 2 days afterwards asking for my certificates etc., so I'd suggest giving them a ring if you havent heard anything by now
Did you get a reply yet BlackSheep? I submitted my application a fortnight ago and haven't heard back yet. Wondering whether to give them a call or just wait it out.
No seems as though the Comms Apprentice role does not currently exist. Perhaps that is also why it's been removed from the RFA website 'drop down' menu


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Just a hunch. If there is no current recruiting requirement there will be no invitations to apply.
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