Apprentice Chef Interview

Discussion in 'RFA' started by Sophia Johannah, Feb 18, 2016.

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  1. I have my interview for the Chef's apprenticeship on Tuesday, and if I'm perfectly honest, I'm nervous as hell.
    Does anyone have any pointers or could let me know the general gist of the questions that are asked etc?
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  2. Wait for it :)
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  3. It all depends on your AFCO, but you should expect questions about your personal life:
    Life at home

    Then some questions about what training will you go Thru and where plus questions about the role (e.g duties and responsibilities)
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  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    RFA this one Dapps, She'll no doubt pass!
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  5. Good luck for Tuesday, Read up on the ships names and class as I was asked that and what kind of things they do etc and tasks other than replenishment the RFA perform
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  6. I'd also buy a copy of the Navy News. That also gave me a little help, just in case they ask you to name a few places where they are operational.

    Also take note there is a new class of ships on it's way-Tide Class (eventually, they are delayed).
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  7. During mine they asked me about my personal life and what i like to do in my spare time, work life and education. Then went on and asked me why i chose the RFA and also why i picked the role over engineering. And lastly they asked me to name a couple ships and what they do and where they are just now.

    Probably the most relaxing interview i have ever been too.
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  8. I second that.
  9. Did you pass?

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  10. Chef's? passing? There's a joke in there somewhere...Dappppeeerrrrs ;)
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  11. I was going to post 'standing by', but you beat me to it.

    Plus, I'd already said it in post#6 :)
  12. Hardest course in the Naval Service etc etc??

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  13. Yawn
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  14. I would like to join as chef Apprentice. how long does apprentice lasts?
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  15. I don't know, the mods always need an excuse to moan.:p

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