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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Alex968, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. Hi, i have wanted to join the royal navy since i was in year 9. I am now in my second and last year of College, (really sick of it :p, i just want to join up now).

    I have been going to the gym these past few weeks and i am going to start the 8 week official training program as of tomorrow. Also i have begun to brush up on my Maths for the RT.

    I plan on Ringing the number off the official site tomorrow to book a place at an Initial Careers Presentation.

    I am just wondering if i will be able to start the application process while finishing my second year at college (about 5 months left) so i will not have as long to wait once i have finished college.

  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As long as an applicant is over the age of 15 years & 9 months, it's worth applying 12 to 24 months before the intended start date due to the long waiting times for most trades.

    Best of luck.
  3. Awesome thanks
  4. Alex

    Do you know where your nearest Royal Navy Careers Advisors are?
  5. Yeah Brighton about 20 minutes by train.
  6. Well Primarily wanted to be an AET since around Year 11 second choice im just not sure about at the moment if im honest
  7. Ok will do, thanks for the tip.
  8. No surprise there then! Everyone seems to want AET nowadays!
  9. I never went to a presentation, I just dropped in, spoke to the advisor, got given my RT Application Form and Bam! I'm due to sit my RT in February. Took about two weeks to get a date through the post.
  10. Always wanted to be an engineer of some kind for a while now. I have read a lot about it and it sounds like a really interesting job and will put me in good stead for career choice once i leave the RN. My first choice would be fixed wing so Harrier GR9 :D.
  11. I don't know much about AET. I do know it's got the highest phase 2 drop out rates of all the branches.Don't mean to put you off though!
  12. would it be better for someone who wanted to be an officer to do there a-levels before applying?
  13. Hopefully that's just a lot of people who havn't read about what an AET consists of and possibly that they find it fairly challenging so give up?!

    I have read quite a bit about AET and it definitely interests me and gets me excited, i have also been reading that as an AET there is a chance of being sent to Afghanistan/Iraq i am personally fine with this. Also training to be an AET seems as if it will put me in good stead for a Civilian career in that area once i leave the RN.

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