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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by LeTache88, May 18, 2010.

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  1. Got the careers presentation tomorrow first thing where I'll apply officially, sort of wish I hadn't wasted a month waiting for the presentation, I should've just applied I already know it's what I want to do, ah well it's done now. Judging by what I've been reading this is gonna be the start of a fcuking long wait!! But like they say, good things come to those who wait 24+ months :) anyone else here got a 24 month waiting list?
  2. Good luck to you. Hope it all goes well
  3. Provided that you are over 18 you'll be able to apply there and then. You will need to take with you your NHS number and NI number, plus your Dr's name and address as these are on the request to sit the recruiting test form that you need to complete.

    Hope this helps and good luck


  4. Good luck to you what branch do you want?
  5. Im going for Warfare Specialist, Hence the 24 month wait :(
  6. I don't have a specific doctor, But I do have the address for the local doctors I use, is this ok?
  7. Yes that will be fine, as long as they hold your medical record.


  8. Good luck! I am going in Friday, after about 100 years of trying to get a Friday off of work :D Does anyone know if you can just phone the doctors and ask for your NHS number? I have no idea what mine is 8O I am excited, hopefully the first step closer to the Navy!
  9. Nice one mate! I looked online after finding out I needed my NHS number and I saw that you can call your local NHS PCT and they should be able to help you out, Or you could ask your doc, it would be on your NHS card and/or medical records I think. Feels good to finally be making the step don't you think? :)
  10. Thanks for the info :) Yeah definitely, I have wanted to for ages but wanted to be 100% sure before going in and possibly wasting my time, and also of course everyone elses. Even though it is a long wait, at least if you are in the queue then you are getting closer every day!
  11. Thats how I got mine Beeline.
  12. your nhs number is also on your birth certificate. Hope that helps or at least it should be as long as you were born in England.
  13. I agree, even though the wait is long at least you're going to know that in X amount of months you will be off for training, and as you said, every day just gets you closer
  14. hey man, im going in as WS :)
    Got my Psychometric 23rd of June ;)
  15. Thats cool man, Do you have a more up to date waiting time? is it still the 24 months?
  16. yeah man i got told on the 5th of may that it was 24 months :)
    so fingers crossed it wont go up before we do our psychometrics ;)
  17. aaah bastard, I was hoping I was going to be lucky and the waiting time had reduced, obviously not :-( o well gives me 2 years to get as fit as I can for Raleigh
  18. Sucks man "/ ah well, you never know we might be lucky :D
    have you watched the presentation before? :)
  19. I've watched the DVD they send you, I imagine the presentation is gonna be the same but with a bloke explaining it all, Is that what it's like?
  20. nah man, they sit you infront of a tv, and watch a DVD for about 30 minutes, then he answers any unanswered questions :)
    not the most exciting thing in the world, but you know, should give you a good insight into everything, although now i remember there isnt that much on WS in the presentation "/

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