Applying to DTUS and WEO

I'm interested in apply for DTUS with the aim of going on to being a WEO. And would like some advice/knowledge/clarification on a few points:

I'm at a DTUS University but I have just finished my first year of four for MEng Computer Science. Would I still be able to apply to the scheme? I assume application will take the best part of 2nd year and so I would only be on DTUS for 3rd and 4th year.

The website is very vague on the WEO pipeline, I know about the revision of the training at BRNC as of the September intake but beyond BRNC I am at a loss. The website is very vague about what you do at the Maritime Warfare School, there isn't a time scale or key areas of training provided. All it then mentions is training at sea.
Therefore, I would like to ask: could someone please provide the key areas of training received, estimated time scale of the initial courses at HMS Collingwood to taking the role of DWEO?

Thanks in advanced.


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Your best bet is call first and make an appointment to nip into your nearest AFCO for a chat with the Area Careers Liaison Officer to get the latest current training pipeline details & eligibility/selection criteria.

I'd agree the RN website lacks a good deal of detail, specifically for Officer applicants, unfortunately. It is not good when one considers it's the only official reference source but you are still supposed to know your training pipeline for your individual branch and the only other (sometimes) credible online source is entirely unofficial.

Contact details of your nearest AFCO on the link in my signature block.

Good luck.
WE General Service Junior Officer training pipeline in brief (this was correct 3 months ago when I went to AIB):

1. 30 weeks BRNC
2. 13 weeks HMS Collingwood - System Engineers Management Course Part 1 - WE theory (radar, control, gyros, etc)
3. 12 ish weeks- JWEO time on Fleet unit (first WE training at sea)
4. 10 weeks SEMC Part 2 - WE departmental management/admin
5. 6 weeks common officer pre-sea training (Officer of the Day etc)
6. 12 ish weeks AWEO time on Fleet unit (second block of sea training, ends in a board conducted by the WEO)
7. System engineers courses relevant to your DWEO platform
8. DWEO assignment. 22 months or so. After about 18 months in, take Charge Board to be qualified to have sole charge of the department.

I have no idea how anyone outside of the RN is supposed to know this, but AIB will expect you to know it inside out. I'm a CW candidate so I just asked Collingwood.


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I have no idea how anyone outside of the RN is supposed to know this, but AIB will expect you to know it inside out. I'm a CW candidate so I just asked Collingwood.
Yep, fully concur. The RN website is well, well overdue a kick up the arse.

It's a bit like Welbeck - a 5 year potential Engineering Officer nurturing scheme in which fewer than 50% join their respective service.

It'd be worth an FOI request to find out the number of applicants who don't join the Services who already have service connections, the rank of their connection & the number who actually pay-back the costs if they don't actually join-up

I already know the answer ;)

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