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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rumlessgut, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. Hi im new here

    Just going through the processes off applying to be an Officer in the Navy.

    I just have a few questions (if anyone can help?)

    Im not actually sure if im Officer material as it seems most Officers are University graduates (im not), although technically ive got the right qualifications to become an officer. What are your experiences on this?

    Also, im just wondering about the general fitness level I need to be at before i join. I play football once a week, but im nowhere near my physical fitness peak. (im not fat, im just lazy). Would i need to seriously consider getting my fitness up before i joing, start running etc?

    also im built like a pencil - will my upper body let me down in joining?

    Sorry to post a load of dross but this seemed like a good place to come

    Thanks in advance
  2. Don't worry abpout not being a graduate. Although the majority of new entries now are, it all evens out in the end and the RN will give you the right training.

    As to physical fitness - you'll be brought up to standard at BRNC. Any extra phys you do will make life easier

    On the upper body side you will probably have to climb ropes etc - might be worth doing some work in a gym.
  3. Applying to become a Navy Officer - Tried Fleet Air Arm?

    The RN are short of Pilots & Observers at the mo.

    If you can pass the Flying Appitude & AIB you should be selected. With other branches you could pass the AIB but not actually be selected to go to BRNC.

    A degree is not required although you still need the quals below or equivalent:

    5 GCSE's C Grade or better & this must include Eng. Lang. & Maths

    140 UCAS Points or better.
  4. The selection officers at the AIB will be the judge of whether you're 'officer material'! :) They'll look at a lot more than what qualifications you've got - if the Navy wasn't happy that 140 UCAS points is enough academically for those with the portential, they would set the limit higher.
  5. well ive got the 140 ucas points and the GCSEs so thats not a problem. Id love to be a pilot in the Navy. Ive got an informal meeting in Bristol in December so ill ask about becoming a pilot. I have no experience of flying though (apart from on the back of an easyjet flight to corfu etc etc) will they want plane enthusiasts?
  6. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    There is a shortage of aircrew at the moment..(20 minuters??) so don't worry about background - if you pass the aptitude and the AIB you'll be on the way.

    As far as fitness goes - if you are successful at AIB you will be sent a fitness programme to follow before BRNC. If you follow it honestly you will be just fine when you start training.

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