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Hoping for some help here, I applied back in 2009 for the Navy and due to personal circumstances I chocked on the fitness test and didn't rebook. I am am now reappyling because at 27 I don't want to miss the chance and then always wonder 'what if'.

I am currently working in finance, so I am most likely going to apply for a logistics post, just wanted to have some input on a few roles. I am mainly considering Writer as that would play to my strengths, based on what I already do on a day to day basis.

Can anyone tell me the number of press ups and sit ups I would be required to achieve? I can't find this information for my age bracket.

Aside from this, can anyone tell me what happens after RNFT? I need to know if PRNC and entry date would be close or not at all? As I would need to arrange to handover my lease and move furniture, etc all the fun stuff of being a grown up (allegedly).

Thanks all and FYI this site is a mine of information that has helped me over the past week, so hopefully I am not repeating what someone else has already said - sorry if that is the case!


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HR Administrator (Writer in old money) is less than six months wait, test to entry, so don't apply until fully fit. The PRNC will be requested as soon as you are allocated an entry date and must be successfully passed prior to entry.

Females now do full press-ups, not dorsal press-ups as indicated in this booklet. Page 8 gives you the phys standards and age/gender where applicable: 2013.pdf

RN Fitness standards, after training, are here:

Good luck.
Thanks Ninja, yeah I started an online application last week but have given myself this week to see how I feel and do a fitness program (seeing how I feel after a very bloody sedentary few years) and then will be filling in the missing bits next week.

Cheers for your help!

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