Applying for RMO Role - Made TMU - How Strong is my Case?


Quick question that came to mind Mart - how long in your case did the SMO take to get through your TMU reviews?
Your case is pretty different from mine, so I couldn't really be of much help. My paper review came back PMU, then I had to put together an appeal and send it in, and that was sent off to SMO(SE) for a decision. It sounds like yours is taking a different route in which Capita has just labeled you TMU and sent it straight on to an SMO to review it. In my case, my appeal was being decided during the first lockdown with all sorts of mitigating factors. It ultimately took three months, but that is NOT an indication of how long yours might take. Mine was during the first lockdown and things were all kinds of screwed up, but at this point there's also a big backlog of cases as I understand it. I'm afraid the best I can tell you is that it's likely to take anywhere from weeks to months, and there are a lot of different factors that determine the timing of it.

I know you want to get on with planning things one way or another, but all I can say is that you'll have to be patient and be prepared with a Plan A, B, and Z depending on what happens. Good luck!


UPDATE: 10/06/21

Just wanted to let all you fine people know that my AFCO called up and said I've been cleared fit for service. Booked in my PJFT minutes ago. Onwards and upwards!