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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Smiles, Apr 11, 2013.

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  1. I apologise if this is a silly question, I've had a quick search and couldn't find anything similar, sorry if this has been asked before.

    I'm 19 and I'm in the early stages of my application. I initially applied for the Seaman Specialist role, however after taking in my education certificates and sitting the RT I was called into a separate room to discuss my results. I wasn't told my exact score, but I was told that I met the standards required for officer and that I comfortably exceeded the ucas requirement. I was asked why I hadn't originally applied as officer and asked if I'd like to change my applications.

    I said yes, and after looking into it a bit,the role of Warfare Officer really appeals to me. One thing that worries me is that I'm not the "Officer type". I'm not posh or from a well off family, I'm not overly confident or competitive. I do work hard, but I'm not good at "bigging myself up" I'm very ordinary. I've never really been captain of any sports teams or had any outstanding achievements (other than awards for good attendance). I'm just worried that I won't stand a chance against super-confident, overachieving graduates who are all posh and well spoken.

    Is it common for people like me to be accepted as an officer? Do they look at people fairly equally at AIB and interview?

  2. Who the hell told you that was a requirement? :pottytrain5:
  3. I have my AIB next month for Warfare Officer, I'm not posh either and it has not stopped me. They are not looking for who is the most officer like, they are just looking for people who can lead effectively or those with leadership potential.

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  4. I wasn't saying that it was a requirement, more that well spoken articulate people are better at putting themselves across and making good impressions. And the stereotypical officers are usually from pretty well off backgrounds or tend to be more posh because they earn more. Not saying they are all like that, I'm just worried that people might look down their noses at me. That was poorly worded though, sorry if I caused offence.
  5. It didn't cause offence, I was just wondering how you've come to
    that assumption, have you met any of these stereotypical officers yourself?

    And as for people looking down their noses at you, their problem not yours, just concentrate on your application, if i'm honest it doesn't sound like you think it's the role for you.

    Stop worrying over silly things!

    Good luck with your application :)
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  6. There will inevitably be one or two entrants to BRNC that are what you'd call 'posh' but the vast majority are pretty much just your average punter. Just like you they would have passed the same battery of tests at the AIB and are considered to have the potential to become RN officers. The days of requiring a Home Counties address and talking in a frightfully posh manner are well past.

    Now, having said all that you are going to have to be a lot less self-demeaning. Fair enough, until now you didn't necessarily realise the opportunities open to you but if you're going to take advantage of these then you need to 'develop' in order to get through the AIB and onwards to Dartmouth and the Fleet. Enough of the "I'm not worthy" stuff; you now know you don't have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth and can concentrate on preparing yourself for selection. Try to get involved in activities that will allow you to improve your leadership and team skills. The Duke of Edinburgh schemes are often mentioned and for good reason. How about joining a Ten Tors team or similar, where you can get involved in team events, physical activity and have some experience to draw on when you're questioned about the times in your life when you've had to lead, follow and do something out of the ordinary.

    The RN does not want over-confident candidates but it does want somebody who has the potential to stand in front of a group of sailors, brief them on a task and then ultimately lead that group in achieving the aims. If mumbling to your navel and remaining convinced you're not good enough is your thing, then maybe RN Officer is not for you. If acting on what you've now been told, realising that it is possible so long as you put the work in and concentrating on those leadership skills you'd expect from anyone that's going to lead any group of people is something you're prepared to work hard at, then the AIB will consider you as equal to every other candidate. Heavens forbid, I believe they even let somebody from 'The North' AND with a regional accent join :shock:

    Not that it helps with anything at all but it was a pleasant experience to be able to read your posts without cringing at the glaring grammatical and punctuation horrors that litter so many of these pages from people who want to be officers, innit.
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  7. What Pontius said hits the nail firmly on the head. He's said everything I was going to say, but better.
    I sat my AIB last month and the main difference between those of us who passed and those who didn't was not background but self-confidence.
  8. The RN is very much a meritocracy these days so I wouldnt be over concerned with not being "posh", its what you say not the accent you say it in. At my AIB one of the candidates was the poshest man I've ever met and he bombed terribly.

    Just go for it, what is the worst that happens? If you dont pass you will be more than likely be told to get some more experience in leadership and come back in a year or two. Its a no lose situation.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    There's posh, Boyo.
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  10. I grew up in Hull, it's never held me back!!!!
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I see you've gone posh though, when did you find out that there was an H?
  12. Smiles mate,
    I'm from manchester and was brought up in a council estate yet i'm an engineering officer. Don't worry about being 'posh' there will be a few but they take you on your merits not where you've come from.

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  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    This is true.

    I've never met a posh engineering officer. During specials in the control centre they often look genuinely confused if someone makes them a brew and the cup has a handle on it.
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  14. Munch munch.
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Being posh in the RN is soooo 1990s. Even George Osborne is trying to become "one of us":

  16. I reckon that you are feeling a bit unsure of yourself because you are only in the very early stages of your application, but I think that you will begin to feel more confident as you acquire more knowledge along the way. As you become more confident in your knowledge of the RN and the Officer recruiting process eg what is involved at the AIB, I believe that you will start to realise that you have just as good a chance as anyone else.

    Something you need to know is that all candidates for the AIB are interviewed by their local Area Careers Liaison Officer before the decision is made to send the paperwork to the AIB; the ACLO will be testing you to check that you are ready and won't pass you on unless he/she is sure that you are, so you can be confident that, when you find yourself at the AIB, that it is because people who know about these things had looked at you and thought that you have what it takes.

    What you need to do now is give yourself a bit of a shake and start planning a successful application. Get a copy of Navy News from W H Smith and get each month's so that you are up to date on your knowledge.

    Check out this about the AIB:

    There is a lot of help available on here for candidates, so just ask.

    One thing I would suggest is that you start thinking about examples of times when you have demonstrated leadership potential, as you will be asked about this.

    PS If you reached the score for Officer in your RT, you did extremely well; that's not only a high score, it's a high score in all four sections and that's a tricky thing to pull off, especially with regard to the Mechanical Comprehension section, as many candidates find that especially hard.
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  17. :study: funny that.....but the engineering officer on my last ship was a LT/CDR Richardson Bunbury, whose eldest bro was a Lord!!! He seemed posh to me !!! when his bird pulled up in her E type Jag in the dockyard8)
  18. Nice to see the RN changing for the better, perhaps the politicol parties could follow suite and drop the Eton boys for educated people who have actually worked.:sad7:
    When you did uyour knife & fork course did you remember not to nick the cutlery at the end of the dinner?:biggrin:
  19. nice one Slim.....just remembered the Skippers younger Bro, on that same ship was the Headmaster at Eton... MC crum :biggrin:
  20. I felt a little the same! Lots of friends/family in the Army-all having gone in at the bottom and teasing me for trying for Officer! I had doubts at my Careers presentation but there's a bit in it on BRNC when someone says they had doubts about being good enough at first but left feeling capable of anything. Convinced me it was worth a try/normal to be a bit doubting of your own ability! Passed RT and posting my med forms this afternoon :) for ATC Officer! Fingers crossed!

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