Applying for Navy and Army at same time?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JDW, Nov 5, 2012.

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  1. JDW


    Hi, I’m currently getting close to the fitness test stage ofthe RN recruiting process. I’ve been thinking recently, I would like to applyfor the Army as an infantry soldier but keep my Royal Navy process to become aChef going at the same time.
    I would genuinely like to do both of these jobs but I wastold that the waiting list for a Chef is 16-18 months when I went for my psychometrictest. That was a real draw back for me, I’ve not got a job, been applying for along time, had a temporary job for 6 months but their cutting back on agencystaff, I’ve got no qualifications, I’m really struggling to get a full timejob, I’ve never had one since leaving college. I understand that for aninfantry soldier, the waiting list will be a lot shorter and since my enthusiasmto join either is equal, I think it would be a good idea to apply for both?
    I read that by doing this, the RN could reject me for theChef role if they think I’m not 100 per cent for the RN. I also hear that itcosts a lot of money to recruit RN recruits but that won’t be for 16-18 months,right?
    So, is it allowed to do this, can I apply for the Armytonight, what do advise me to do? I can’t afford to end up not getting intoeither.
  2. JDW


    Thanks for reply SJRM_RN, I understand what your saying, I guess it would be wise to stick with the RN since I've gotten this far. Thanks but I will await more posts until I truly make my decision, although the bar has moved, good wisdom.

    There's no way I want to risk my chances of joining either, if I ended up making this decision and couldn't pass one or the other and lose the trust and end up without a job, it would kill me.
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  3. The life of an infantry soldier is tough, both in barracks (where boredom and an incredibly bitchy environment can be poisonous) and in the field (where by definition you will fight). To those with the correct attitude it is the finest career in the Army.

    Statistically most infantry soldiers do not make a career out of it though, and will generally be out within 3-10 years. You have to be pretty good to make LCpl, very good to be a Cpl and superb to be a Sgt (exceptions exist I know very well).

    Many of your compatriots will be violent, idiotic, incoherent, illiterate and unfaithful vile examples of humanity. I fúcking love 'em but by Christ I don't want to be one.
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  4. JDW


    Thank you for your insight, how much different is life with the Navy?
  5. Have you considered the Royal Marines? This would give you the opportunity to become an infantryman initially. After your initial draft as a GD marine you would then be able to specialise as a chef. I don't believe there is a very long waiting list for RM but the entry requirements and subsequent training as a recruit may well make this unachieveable.

    Alternately, if cheffing is your aim then try the RLC, they still have chefs and might see you getting in sooner than waiting for the RN. Added bonus is that they also do a little soldiering.
  6. You'll not get your head kicked-in quite so much. You might get bummed more though.
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  7. Gen! Are you sure you don't moonlight at an AFCO? :biggrin:

  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I applied for the Army and the Marines at the same time, got offered a place in both, fucked percy off because the Corps gave me a join up date 6 weeks earlier than the Army.

    It was a wee bit easier back then though because the different services had different recruiting offices so you could quite happily play one off against the other. I shouldn't say this because it's naughty and no one would do it anyway but I wonder if for sake of argument you applied to join the Army in say the Exeter AFCO and the Navy in perhaps the Plymouth AFCO (use whatever towns suit yourself) anyone would find out?
  9. JDW


    Hi Communicator, I've just done my fitness test for the RN, will it be a lot of hassel to switch to Marines whilst still having a shot for the RN?
  10. Sorry pal, despite being "accused" of being a part time careers adviser, the last time I was in an AFCO was over 20 years ago! Can't answer your question unfortunately.
  11. If you do switch to RM, JDW, you will have to re-do your Fitness Test as the RM one is different in that it involves 2 x 2.4 km runs with the treadmill set at a 2 degree incline with only a 60 second rest between the two runs.
  12. JDW


    Wow, that is quite a challenge, do you still have to complete the second run within the 11 minutes 13 seconds?
  13. More of a challenge than you think young padewan. It's under 10:30 for the second run. Time to log off and get running fella.
  14. JDW


    You've been "accused" of being a part time careers adviser, say it isn't so. I think I want some advice face to face, who could I speak too? Would I be best going to a careers advisor to remain anonymous and recieve neutral advice? To get a 100 per cent yes or no answer in regards to; applying for Army whilst in recruitment process of Royal Navy.

  15. JDW


    Amazing, out of topic question, I'm a little naive on the RM, what do they acutely do? I mean, they're stationed on ships and they also fight on land? Is their main purpose to protect RN ships? Thank you.
  16. Look it up dude.
  17. 12 minutes 30 seconds first run, 10 minutes 00 seconds second run, 60 seconds break between them.

  18. JDW

    If the waiting times for Royal Navy Chef and Infantry Soldier were exactly the same, which would you choose?
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  19. A nice line in court shoes.
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  20. JDW


    Yeah, good idea, thanks :)

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