Applying - but changing your mind.


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I have read through alot of these threads and a reoccuring message is embedded.

DO that many people really swap branches because of the long waiting periods?

I have a PEDA at the end of April and I hope that I don't have to wait around too long after that date. But thousands of others are in the same boat.

I know I will be frowned upon by many for saying this but here goes.

If my ACLO turns around and says 'sorry son, it's gonna be another 10 months'. Would it be selfish of me to say 'then I will be a Marine (hopefully)'.

I tick all the boxes as far as a MCD course goes and I have some A levels to boot.I know what your all thinking 'if that's the way he feels - then why doesn't he just aplly as a marine and give his PEDA place to someone more deserving'.

Cheers - all feedback (no matter how sarcastic) is aprreciated.
I am gonna be honest have no idea what PEDA and all that is...just that lots of people at Raleigh left or left once they started trade training because they changed branches to get in fast and it wasnt what they to wait.

This may not be relavent as dont know what PEDA is! LOL


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It's a perfectly reasonable question.

Interestingly I'm aware of at least one trained Royal Marine who wanted to transfer to the RN as a Diver recently. Normally however, it's sailors who wish to transfer to the RM usually.

With regard untrained people who have not yet joined, you are completely at liberty to change your selected trade as much as you like BEFORE you join provided you are eligible for whatever new trade you wish to apply for. It's only after you join that it becomes an issue as you do get the odd person who wants to jump the queue & then gets miffed when they realise they are not permitted to change trades after they join- often they neglect to recall that they signed an understanding to this effect. The fact is that the jobs can be very different.

During the recruiting test about 20% of applicants (ish) who pass the test, do not score high enough for their first job choice & frequently have to consider alternatives.

Although Diver & Commando may work together in various roles, the jobs are quite different in as much as Mine Clearance is the primary role of the Diver and the Commandos go about sneaking up on German sentries, if my movie memory serves correctly.

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