Apply to RN as Rating or Officer? Help please!


Thank you, that's really helpful. Unfortunately renting is not an option. I bought the place with an equity loan scheme, which forbids sub-letting so it would have to go. It's a shame but I can't let it stop me joining up. Will the AFCO be able to tell me how long the waiting lists are?


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Yes. Off the top of my head AET is about 12 months test to entry, ET(ME) 10-12 months, ET(WE) about 8 to 10, but your AFCO will advise more accurately. Submarine technical branches have shorter waits, but no news yet when direct entry females are being recruited, other than 2014 ish.


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I recently heard that the first SMQ for females is scheduled for Jan 2016. So I'd guess based on that early-ish 2015 for entry?

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The first female ratings for submarines are due to start this year I believe, 6 female officers are already doing it.