Application waiting list for Warfare Specialist?


Hi, Im sure this question gets asked a lot but Im struggling to find a recent answer sorry!

I put my application in for Warfare Specialist on Friday, and was wondering how long the process takes from that to starting basic or getting a date for basic training (Should I pass everything first time), and on that, is there currently a waiting list for the Warfare Specialist role?

Secondly, How often are the intakes for basic? If there is already a post then please link it :)



I believe there is an intake in August which im trying desperately to get on, im transferring from the Army but i will be a recruit again but i was hoping it would speed things up as i'm already serving.. im also going AWW/ WS!! Have u had a meet online with the cpo or got any tests booked etc??


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Just one to note. You cannot choose your sub spec as a WS. It will be based on the needs of the device and the training pipeline.

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