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Application to be a Training Management Officer.

Hey guys,

I have applied to be a TMO in the RN, and I have just had my Medical. I am starting this thread to see if I can get any generic advice for the Sift interview and the AIB. But most importantly if I can get any specific information about joining as a TMO?

Thanks everyone!
Hi, I have applied for a TMO too and got my medical in February. I am struggling to find information too about the TMO role, the navy website is quite vague in what the training pipeline is and what is expected after BRNC. I bought the AIB help book online which is quite useful.
@Biochemist9595 , @sav89s , I'm Out of the Office for a few days now, but on my return next week, I will give you some of my highly valuable time and attention.

I'm an ex TM rather than serving, but I'll have a chat with my serving brethren locally and see what the hot poop is...

@fishhead , does that pass muster? :D
Hi all, I've applied to become a TMO too with my AIB on the 23rd/24th Jan. I'm unable to attend an acquaint as the next one isn't until May (which is hopefully when I will be starting), @Trainer I'd really appreciate any 'hot poop' you can share about the training pipeline following IOT when you return next week! Thanks in advance!
@Young92 any tips for the sift interview? Good luck at the AIB, let me know how you get on. Im hoping to get onto an AIB around April/May time. @Trainer would really appreciate any word on the current TMO role. Thanks!
@sav89s my main tips would be to think about; your reasons for wanting to join, the Navy's current operations and any previous experience that you've had that would be relevant (the more recent the better). Good luck with it! I would recommend talking to the guys at the AFCO in Plymouth about getting booked on to the TMO Acquaint in May too. Hope that helps.
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@Trainer I'm really trying to find out the most up to date information regarding the the 24-week systems Training Management Officers’ Course after BRNC, so:

- Where is it currently based (I believe HMS Sultan/Collingwood but am seeing conflicting/outdated information online)?

- What are a few examples of the areas of study/focus, I am aware that I will be working towards CIPD and a Masters eventually but what other bits of training are brought into the 24 week course?

- What is the 'normal' (if there is one) process following the 24 week course, would I end up at a particular base or on a certain deployment? When do options become available to complete the Commando training course?

The TMOC is a 4.5 months course. Its is based out of HRTSG at HMS NELSON.

6 weeks of courses at DCTS. RAF HALTON. These will include the Training Analysis, Training Design, Audit, Internal and External Validation Course and the Defence Train the Trainer Courses.

Separately from that, are the Junior Officer Leadership Course1 (JOLC1) and the Divisional Officer's Course (DO),

The rest of the time is taken up with Acquaints taken up with the 4 TMO Pillars. So you'll go to CTCRM, Faslane, NELSON (including Naval Education Training Support (Operational) or NETS(OPS), COLLINGWOOD, SULTAN and ABBEY WOOD.

This culminates in a board. You must keep a reflective journal as you go along and provide loose minutes and presentations as you go.

You'll prob have to live in at NELSON unless you live locally.

If you pass, you will be put onto the CIPD programme at Portsmouth Uni. That's a PgDip, and if you pay yourself, this can be topped up to a MSc.

The four pillars are:

Human Capability Development (NETS and Ed Centres).

Training Capability Management: procurement and TNA etc (Abbey Wood Stuff)

Training Management and Assurance - EXVAL, and SOTRs (don't worry what that means yet).

Strategic Communications (Strat Comms)

Halfway through the TMOC, you will get posting, and it can be anywhere. You may well be posted to CTCRM, and it can help if you have a preference. There will be opportunities to load onto the AACC and get a Green Hat, or become a submariner if that is your deepest desire.

I'm can't tell you what would happen in a SIFT interview because that would be really naughty and some people would get really sad.

Hope this helps you both and best of luck.

Trainer xx
Agree with all that @Trainer has said. The range of jobs after finishing TMOC are huge. Includes NETS, instructing on the Defence Train the Trainer Course, teaching Coaching, working in assurance (Internal and External Validation) or contracts.

You are not expected to come onto the course with any prior knowledge and you will be taught everything that you need for your board. The course is changing all the time as it is developed and improved but the info below should give you an idea of the content:

Training Managers are split into 4 'pillars'. TMOC covers 3 of these in detail:

Training Capability Management - This pillar develops ‘the classroom’ in line with new capabilities. This part of the course includes things like the Defence Operating Model, the acquisition process, training needs analysis, finance and contracting. You don't need to do any prep for the course but if you are super keen you could read How Defence Works:

Training Management, Assurance and Contract Management - This pillar assures ‘the classroom’ as well as providing the materials and instructors to teach within it. This is all about understanding the requirement, requirement setting and then ensuring that the requirement has been met in order to produce effective and efficient training. This includes audit, internal and external validation, training design etc. You learn a lot of this at RAF Halton on the DCTS courses. This theory is then followed up with the practicalities / RN context. This is taught at HRTSG in NELSON.

Human Capability Development - This pillar draws the potential from our people beyond ‘the classroom’. This might be through coaching, mentoring or ensuring that an individual is educationally qualified for promotion. The idea is that by developing the individual you increase their effectiveness and therefore their usefulness to the RN. It is this part that is the closest to the old fashioned idea of a 'schoolie'. You do the Deference Train the Trainer Course and then spend 3 weeks on visits and acquaints with NETS.

Strategic Communications - communicates the message of the RN both as an Operational Capability and to a home audience. Within TMOC this is simply a brief, if you are interested in this area you would need to go onto other courses at a later date.

The whole course is based around JSP 822 and the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) you will get to know it very very well.

Other useful JSP are:

No need to do it in advance but at some stage you will probably be asked to read:

The CPD that you need to do as a Training Manager doesnt start until after TMOC. Once you have passed your board you will be registered with Portsmouth University.

The course is a PgDip in Human Resource Development and Training Management. It is an open course so non RN are on it as well. You have five years to complete 4 modules. Things might change but at the moment they are:
  • Training Learning and Talent Development – 6000 word essay
  • Consultancy Coaching and Mentoring – 6000 word essay
  • Leadership and Management Skills – 2 hour exams 4000 word portfolio
  • The Training Manager and the Business Context – 2 hour exams and 7000 word portfolio
If you have any specific questions please ask.
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