Application to AIB to BRNC?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Archetype, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Hello. I'm new to this forum. There's something I've been wondering. Could the RN Officers here give me an idea of the timeframe from the most initial application to attending the AID and to starting Basic Training. How long does it usually take from starting the application process until you attend the AID and is there anything I can do to speed the process along?
    Thanks for any replies.
  2. Re: Application to AID to BRNC?

    its AIB, not AID, and youre not guaranteed a place at Dartmouth even if you pass AIB.
  3. Re: Application to AID to BRNC?

    For me, (hopefully) around 13 months due to university dates. I think they generally advise that it could take at least 12 months - but ask at your AFCO.
    To speed it up, when interviewed, give amazing responses to speed up AIB, then have an amazing AIB to make sure you're selected on the first available intake. Since you're up against a lot of other people who you don't know how well they've done, just give it your best shot and hope for the best!
  4. Re: Application to AID to BRNC?

    A lad I know went to AIB in April 07 and was offered a place in September last year.

    I went to AIB in February, and walked up the hill in April of the same year, but that was before the age of computers, so thing were quicker then... :thumright:

    Now that BRNC is moving back to three entries a year I expect it'll be slower for some.
  5. Re: Application to AID to BRNC?

    This is how it has gone for me...

    1st Visit to AFCO - Dec 2007
    Presentation - Jan 2008
    Psychometric Tests - April 2008
    Sift Interview - June 2008
    AIB (passed) - Nov 2008

    And if selected for the next entry
    BRNC - April 2009
  6. Re: Application to AID to BRNC?

    I can see you have a lot of potential you will make a cracking officer. Keep reading up on your "AID".
  7. Re: Application to AID to BRNC?

    Things went very fast for me, since I lived in Portsmouth and went to university in Durham I had my presentation, psychometric tests and sift interview within the space of 3 weeks at the pompey AFCO during the easter holidays, then passed AIB in october.

    However with the new term system coing in at dartmouth Im still gonna have to wait until at least april, and thats only if I'm selected for the next intake.

    If you want to speed the process along, what I did was just tell the recruiting officer at my local careers office that I wanted to join as soon as possible and he booked me into the next availible dates for everything.

    Totally agree with Cpat_Black tho, dont worry so much about how long its all gonna take, just do your best at each stage, the better you do at AIB, the better your chances of being on the next intake.
  8. Re: Application to AID to BRNC?

    Sorry. I meant AIB of course. Admiralty Interview Board. See what happens when you don't read what you type.

    Thanks for all your helpful replies. One other thing though. Do you get much flexibility in deciding the dates for each stage of your application? For example, can you pick/reschedule dates and times for the sift interview, AIB etc?

    Also, at what stage in this process does it become too late to pull out and quit. Just out of curiosity.

  9. Re: Application to AID to BRNC?

    Your AFCO will send you a letter regarding the dates, if you can't make the date sent then speak to them although I'm sure they can be rearranged although the dates can't be hand picked.

    Most folk jump through hoops to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible regarding AIB applications as it's a pretty lengthy process, as for pulling out the application, it can be done at any time but maybe you should question your reasons for even applying if that may be an issue.

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