Application Success and Some General Queries

Hi All
Recently passed AIB and due for a BRNC date in Feb 19, pending vaccinations and admin tasks etc.
Few questions about onboard life:
-what internet is available ?
-what are rooms like?
-during a 4 month placement, how many ports on average?

Also im looking to create an up to date blog for the officer application and training process so please stay posted or PM me any questions.


War Hero
Internet. Not available 24/7.

Rooms are like cabins. If you are an officer you’ll get your own en-suite and a Steward. If you are a Cadet you’ll probably share a less sumptuous cabin and change your own bedding. Details have been posted before.

Ports on average? Zero/ one / not more that 120. Do the arithmetic.

Are you really the guy or gal to be offering advice?
These were a few questions that arose the most during my AIB. Regards internet for example I assumed it would be minimal at best, lets face it I struggle to get 3g in my suburban house, let alone in the middle of the seven seas. Accommodation very little is published tome knowledge, just wanted clarity. Ports was more curiosity. However always better to ask than speculate. Thanks for the info though much appreciated



War Hero
You were asked ‘most’ about cabins and the Internet? Were there questions about taking responsibility / coping / leading / organising / moral courage / diversity / progression through the ranks / status of the Service / new builds / tell about a time when you..?

What’s the Internet like at the AIB?
It was raised a lot in discussion yes, would that not surprise you from the younger snowflake generation?
We had a commisioned guest in the evening who came along and discussed the more moral issues and the logistics of life and work at sea, was very interesting. Following your question, AIB internet was free and in good supply.
The previous questions were just a number of point both myself and others had wanted to find out a little more about. The result doesn't really matter as regardless I would serve anyway, just handy to know.
You`ll never get a sensible answer out of Seadog (ahem War Hero) only time he`s ever left a shore was getting an ice-cream at the end of Southend Pier I`d bet!