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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by creddly, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Thought I'd ask here as I cannot find any information on the website or this site.

    Right, what are the stages of the Application?

    I know I'll have to visit soon to fill out an application form.

    What happens after that?

    I also know you get an initial interview at AFCO.

    Most importantly, the main detail I'm after, is how long after I visit AFCO and have my very first interview to when I'll run the treadmill for my fitness test?

    Don't worry about being honest. I'm hoping it isn't too soon after because I really want to build up my fitness and pass it with flying colors!

    Thanks in advance. :grin:
  2. PLEASE somebody respond!
  3. You seem desperate to know the info so here you go....
    Visit your local AFCO for intial interview and pick up your application pack.
    Take the pack home and fill it in send it back, you will then recieve an invitation to attend the RT test along with a test booklet to try at home. Depending on your test results and how busy your AFCO is you will probably get your formal interview a week or so later. The next step is your medical and then you will have to do your fitness test in your own time usually within 28 days. These stages are all dependant on your particular AFCO, they will explain their process to you during your initail interview.

    Remember this though.......You are one step away from starting a great adventure that may last 22 years !!!
  4. creddly, jedi is spot on, i've just come through the whole process, and just been given a provisional entry date, i've had a few problems with my application as well, if you want to know anything just pm me or something, oh........and good luck!!
  6. Hi Creddly, hope it's all going ok for you.

    Accurate timescale is difficult to judge. My process, from AFCO visit to joining, as you know, took nine months and that was short! My best friend (hollyhopster over at e-goat) is having her fitness test in a week's time i think, and the process, so far, has taken little under two months! And i do anticipate her leaving for basic before i go in May.

    Just keep a reasonable level of fitness in case it all happens quickly. You'd manage it anyway because you have to, but nothing wrong with keeping on top of things. Keep us posted!

    Edit: It hasn't taken nine months, it will be nine months by the time i join!
  8. No, it is 18 years for full pension. Any time served over that counts as extra towards the pension so those joining at 16/17/18/19/20/21/22 get a few extra years of pension.
  9. 18 years is probably due to the new, higher recruiting age (it means they can still bin you age 55 if you joined at 37).
  10. 18 years is probably to stop you drawing your pension at 40. If you did 18 years in my day then you got a preserved pension which started at 55. Officers got a pension after 18 years but their time did not start until they were 21.
  11. Bloody hell..... Good scheme... :mrgreen:
  12. lol thanks Jedi. I would go tomorrow to AFCO, but I'm giving it until 12ft Feb, and if I haven't got a job by then, I'm going to AFCO regardless.

    I'm also trying to put it off, so I can lose more weight and get fitter in time for the physical test.

    She's been luck then eh snappy? lol

    Wish her luck from me for her fitness test.

    What date are you going in again Snappy?

    Sorry if you've said.
  13. The fitness test is quite easy. I assume you are still quite young therefore you get somewhere like 12 min 20 secs to complete your 2.4km run (1.5 mile in old money) and carrying a couple of extra pounds is no great deal as you definitely burn them off in basic training
  14. As I understand it Slim the system changed a couple of years ago so that you can only start drawing your naval pension at age 65, regardless of how long you served. Open to correction on this however.
  15. What a p!sser. Been getting mine since I was 40, big rise when I reached 55. Not 65 for over 3 years.
    Guess us old farts have really seen off pusser :razz: :razz:
  16. The new Armed Forces Pension Scheme (AFPS05) now applies to all new entrants.

    Main differences are:

    Leaving the RN, you get Staged Early Departure Payments from age 40/18yrs service (whichever is later) instead of immediate index-linked pension after 22 years. No commutation.

    Another Payment age 55 and index-linked pension at 65.

    Disclaimer - I am not an IFA, and the information should not be used for investment purposes blah blah blah . .
  17. I'll tell her so, thanks! It also appears my stepsister is interested in joining the mob! I hope she does, we could get deployed together then and cause some alcohol induced havoc :grin:

    I'm going in 27th May. It's sort of dragging and sort of flying by at the same time!
  18. Just applied for my preserved pension due this April (don't feel the age....sometimes :wink: ).
    Had to send it to Army Pensions (?) in Glasgow, but have not heard that it has been put off to age 65 ? It's not in the application forms either --- windup job here perhaps ?

  19. Lol, so this is where you first told me it was 27th May!

    I know what you mean, dragging by because you can't wait to join, but also flying by because you want to appreciate your final days as a civvie and you're getting slightly nervous, am I right? :???:
  20. You're right on account of the time flying! Wrong about the first time i said! I think i said about twice before this, even! Never mind, doesn't matter!

    I think if i knew when my HMS Caledonia date was, then i'd be able to look forward to it and maybe know if i'm making the right choice.

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