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Hello, I don't know anyone who can be used as a reference on my application. I have one reference who is my current employer, any ideas what to do with regards to the 2nd?

It has to be someone who has known you for at least 5 years. And is a professional, i.e. Policeman, teacher, judge, lawyer. Surely you must know someone like this. But remember it can't be a relative.
the only person i can think of is my doctor, but ive only been registered there for two years? or my tutor from college but again i've only known him a year
i went to school 7 years ago, i didnt think that i could go that far back in time?

i'll just put my college tutor from last year but i only knew him for 6 months
Guzzler said:
I get this problem now and then when job searching.

I just use my initiative.
Exactly, Guzzler.

You did get into the RN but this OP is only at the 'trying to get in' stage and 'hadn't thought of that'.

Been said before but this site definitely needs a gianagorous spoon-feeder emoticon.


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For those who cannot find just two people willing to vouch for their reliability, integrity, trustworthiness, honesty, effective intelligence & initiative, the reason we require two references in the first place will become painfully apparent.

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