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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Alex968, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. Hi first post here, i have been browsing these recently discovered forums (massively useful btw thanks all) however i have a few questions and just want to get a few things clear in my head.

    I have wanted to join the Royal navy since around year 10 at school (i am now currently in my second and last year of college at 17 years old). I would have joined straight out of school but to be honest with you i was a scrawney little bugger and probably would have been laughed at.

    Anyway i have my sights set on a career as an AET, i have since around year 11. I had an interview whilst still at school with a royal navy careers liason officer as i had expressed an interest in joining Welbeck.
    After chatting with him about it all and after he looked at my predicted GCSE grades we decided it would be best for me to enter as a rating (i was more than happy at this as i really wanted to experience the job and get down and dirty).
    I told him i wanted to go to college after school so he said ok just get in touch once you have finished college, he also mentioned something like 'we have you on our books now' if memory serves not quite sure what he meant by that :p

    So i got 9 GCSE's
    2 A's, 5B's,2 C's (Maths = C, English = B Science = A)

    And hopefully once i have finished year 2 at college a few As/A levels

    Are these grades good for a career as an AET?
    Can i start the application process now? Im a bit unsure about this as i recently joined the gym to start getting fit and now go 3 times a week, also i will need to brush up on maths a little i think as havnt really done much since GCSE, also im 176 cm tall and weigh about 8 1/2 stone so about 54kg, as i have joined the gym i hope to build up muscle and am looking to improve my diet. Is this height/ weight alright? i know im a bit thin at the moment thats why im hesitant.

    I am short sighted and i wear glasses most of the time, Or contacts, i dont think this is a problem with my chosen career path but can someone possibly confirm this?

    I am currently leaning towards a preference of working on fixed wing aircraft so the Harrier AV-8B and hopefully the F35 Lightning II in the future. Are there certain pro's and con's toward working on each type of aircraft?

    I think thats all i have to ask for now, thanks!
  2. First part of being in the Senior Sevices Senior Service is having a good knowledge of the current aircraft, last time I looked we never had any AV8B's, US marine Corps YES, FAA NO.
    Shippers we have GR9A's, and do you really think we are going to get the F35? (Maybe at the AFCO is would be best to go down the F35 line).
    Lynx maintainers are all weird
    Junglies don't wash
    Pingers don't sleep
    Zoomies travel the world drinking fine wine and staying in top hotels!! :)
  3. Welcome to Rum Ration, Alex!

    A quick whizz through your questions ..........

    You need to go and see a Royal Navy Careers Advisor as soon as you can, really. If you'd like the phone number for your nearest one, pls say so. There are waiting lists for most Royal Navy jobs now and AET is no exception. Get your place in the queue now. You don't want too much of a gap between college and joining, do you?

    I think what the ACLO meant by having you on the RN's books is just a way of saying that the Careers database has you listed as a person who has expressed an interest in joining.

    The grades are good enough.

    You may be a little light but you have time on your side to build up.
  4. "Junglies don't wash
    Pingers don't sleep
    Zoomies travel the world drinking fine wine and staying in top hotels!!"

    hard to make sense of what all these nicknames refer to.

    and i dont know what you mean when you say the royal navy are not getting the F 35 Lightning II as i understand it the F 35 IS the JSF and these are what are planned to replace current fixed wing aircraft right? or am i completely off the ball here? lol
  5. Alex

    I think that people are wondering whether any of the buying-in scheduled to happen in the next few years in the Armed Forces will happen because of political/budget changes. The other question is about who will get the biggest slice of the cake. All three branches of the Armed Forces want more money. Who will get what? What will they buy with their money? Will they buy less than they had planned, maybe fewer aircraft?

    PS Junglies, Pingers and Zoomies are all WAFUs.
  6. Yeah i have been reading about this recently, top dogs are essentially arguing their corners in respect to future needs and capabilities and where the money gets spent, iget all that. As for the budget cuts ive read alot about them too, some articles reporting something like a 5% drop in military personnel and possibilities of selling one of the two new CVf carriers to India..

    My point is its pretty definate that at least one of the new carriers will be built as it would cost even more if they scrapped it now but, arnt we going to NEED new aircraft to put on these carriers, i have even read somewhere about proposals to buy Superhornets i think, however i think i saw this on a forum so its questionable information.
  7. Personally I think the carriers are of much more importance than the aircraft - what are SVTOLs without platforms to operate from? We'll also need at least 2 carriers if we are to provide a similar service than the one we do presently.

    Alex, I was also very light when I when for the medical. Initially they made me temporarily medically unfit and asked me to reapply in 6 months. Got home to an answerphone message from the AFCO saying to forget what the Doc said and standby for a joining date!

    As long as you're physically fit and not unhealthily thin - I think you'll be fine.
  8. Junglies = Commando Seakings :)
    Pingers = Merlin Anti Submarine :cry:
    Lynx Fags=Lynx Fags :oops:
    Zoomies = Good Looking, Well Dressed Harrier Gods!!! :D

    Still stand by the rumour "No JSF, but Navalised Typhoons"

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