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Hi guys,

Just a quick question whilst my CA is on Holiday. I've heard a lot of people recently saying that they aren't being processed for up to another 12 to 24 months due to the increased waiting times at the moment. I have however, completed my application, and have had such things as my Security Clearance sent off and cleared. Does this mean that I am 1) very lucky and should be in before my 12 months run out, or 2) very unlucky and will have to do my PJFT and Medical again?

Cheers for any help
i was wondering the same!! Did most of mine dec '09/jan 10'.
and they sent off my SC!

however knowing my awesome good luck... ill be doing my fitness test ectt again :)


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The clock starts when you pass the recruiting test.

Any element of selection that expires needs to be repeated prior to entry.

Waiting times apply from the date the recuiting test was passed unless you defer on medical grounds, eligibility, suitability or fitness.

The psychometric test lasts 3 years, medical remains vailid unless you were under 18 or over 30 or have seen your GP or hospital after passing, PJFT & SC is valid 12 months, selection interview must be updated within 6 months prior to entry.

The fact an individual has completed all elements of selection does not mean they will join sooner than someone who passed the initial recruiting test earlier but was placed on hold - it just means we're saving money whilst you wait.

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