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I'm thinking of joining in the engineering branch. Currently studying for my Degree and hoping to go on and do a Masters. Just wondering if anybody could give me an overview of the application process and how long it all takes?

I know it is early to be thinking about it, but I'm not getting any younger ( time flies).

Thanks, any advice greatly appreciated!
The application process goes as follows (Very simplified)

- Fill out the application form.
-Take a recruit test
-Formal interview
-Medical/eye test
-Fitness test
-Pre Royal Navy Course

(Not necessarily in that order)

Once all these are passed and completed it's on to basic training.

I applied to become a engineering technician (Marine engineering) less than a year ago and i start my basic training in April. That also included a 3 month gap due to shin splints.

If you're currently studying for a degree and thinking about a masters then definitely speak to your AFCO as I'm pretty sure you can get financial help towards it if you're definitely going to join. A degree also means you can join as an officer too which you should definitely go for if you can. (I wish i had one!!) This will take a longer than the normal process though
and require additional interviews and tests.

Hope this helps.

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