Hey Gakau,

Apologies for the late reply to your question, I had been extremely caught up with work and hadn't had the chance to come and look at this till just now when I was going to make another update on the post. Unsure of where you originally are from, but a notary affidavit would definitely be enough to say that you are not wrapped up under National Service Liability and do not have to go back home in order to serve.

With myself, currently being within the UK, I was unable to receive one, so I had just collated a bit of information from different sources as evidence and sent that over, assuming that it was accepted since I moved through the application process hastily. However, if you are able to get a notary affidavit, then I suggest you do so as that would definitely help.
Hey Shazoozle,

I'm in Kenya. I uploaded the documents, went through, got a call from capita, passed my triage but now there's one more hurdle. ( check your inbox).
PJFT & Medically Fit! - (15/04/2021)

Oh hello there! It's been sometime hasn't it? Good to be writing this again, with Debenhams also getting shut soon, the offers are insane! Definitely suggest checking them out, got some good bargains.

Anyways! I have been made medically fit, the reason I have taken so long to write another post is as the day I had conducted my medically, being naturally a skinny person, I was asked to put on a little bit of weight (I was a KG off the minimum requirement) so I did just that, went and got a GP check-up and to my satisfaction passed the requirement and sent a letter to Capita. They weren't initially on top of it, but after a little bit of pestering them, they were able to book the documents to be reviewed by one of the Doctors today (15/04/2021) and I was deemed Medically Fit for service! Happy is an understatement of what I feel.

I have now been sent a letter on my application portal to state that I am at the stage where I would need to complete a PJFT (1.5 mile run at a local gym recognised by the Naval service), which is usually the Nuffield Health Centres and this needs to be completed within 14-days, so I am going to get onto the phones with them today to get the appointment for the PJFT booked in and get that smashed off, the requirement for my age limit is a 1.5 mile run completed within 12 minutes and 16 seconds, which needless to say shouldn't be an issue!

So I hope to get that smashed off and I believe once I have finished the PJFT, I am good to go for a start date at Raleigh, what a journey.. *sigh*.

More to come! Hopefully will be able to post a week-by-week experience of Raleigh as well once I get to that stage, but we'll cross that bridge once we get to it.


Hey mate...happy for you...all the best on your upcoming PJFT. For me I'm waiting for my security clearance being a Commonwealth applying outside the UK. It has taken nearly a month now. How long did your Security clearance take?
Hey mate...happy for you...all the best on your upcoming PJFT. For me I'm waiting for my security clearance being a Commonwealth applying outside the UK. It has taken nearly a month now. How long did your Security clearance take?
Hey bud,

Thank you very much, glad to hear you’re basically at the last stage as well then, you’re almost through! Just hang on a bit longer.

I haven’t had to go through my Security Clearance as of yet, so I’m hoping that goes through fairly quickly because I’m in country and have been for a couple of years now, but hopefully that’ll be a smooth process once the PJFT is done and dusted.

Just hang on and keep the fitness up, time spent on training is time well spent!
PJF Booked & Raleigh Start Date!! - (21/04/2021)

The day has finally arrived. The day where I receive my start date for 10-weeks of absolute awesomeness at HMS Raleigh.

I had booked in my PJFT with the Nuffield Health Centre near to me and unfortunately they were only able to book me in for the 3rd of May as they are apparently being bombarded with candidates having to do the PJFT. My CA said that it doesn't matter and the 3rd of May is good enough, so its just time to prepare now and keep working on fitness to make sure I smash that run within 12 minutes and 16 seconds (piece of cake).

The best bit of this post is going to be this coming up now.. I received a call to say that since I had passed the Medical stage and exhausting interviews, assessments, etc. They began bidding for my spot at Raleigh after I had been declared Medically Fit. To my surprise, I got about emails all of a sudden flooding my personal email and I then got a call immediately from the Careers Office who mentioned that I have been given a provisional start date of the 26th of July! I was excited and happy about it, couldn't restrain myself from jumping!

The flooding of emails included things such as a:

1) A character reference to make up for the 2 years out of the last 5 when I was not within the United Kingdom
2) The kit list to take to Raleigh
3) Body measurements for uniform, cap, etc.
4) COVID related information when travelling to Raleigh, etc.

All I can say is it has been a fairly quick progress to join from when I first submitted it in November last year!

I will look to post an update once I have completed my PJFT and then I will be finishing this journey!

Stay tuned for the final post once the PJFT has been completed and I will then look at once I finish Raleigh to post a week-by-week experience. Cya later!


Waoohhh....that was so fast for you man. I'm so happy for you. Looking forward to the day I'll receive that call. All the best mate