Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by joe_145, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. Hi just wondering how long it takes from when your application form goes in till things start happening....just i want to get into a bit better shape and stop smoking altogether.

    cheers all...
    sarcy /funny comments welcome :D
  2. Stop smoking now, start running now, simples
  3. Depends how quick you can complete all tests and interview... Then Depending on when they can get you into Raleigh for Phase 1.

    I know its not a big help but last time I applied, I gave my application feb 07 had a slow start and my entry date was in may 08.

    Though like I said it varies mate... :D
  4. I started in march, RT in may and start Oct 4th, CIS though
  5. im stopping the horrible habit....i am running and swimming and everything else possible. done the 2.5km run in enough time...just dont want to go full steam ahead when im not feeling 100% confident with my pyhsique/ability...perhaps being over cautious but better to be safe than sorry
  6. At the end of the day, the fitter the better mate
  7. Thats what im thinking...reading the brochure/website....the fitter you are the more u will enjoy raleigh...i dont want to be worrying about running or circuts i am sure there is enough things to worry about.

    so you reckon i got a couple of months(approx) to get sorted after i hand it in??
  8. Depends what branch mate, there is a thread in newbies with waiting times I think
  9. hahaha....i am a dick...i was reading that thread this morning....been a tough weekend....cheers for help
  10. I began applying in July and I have already been through and passed the PT, medical, eye test and I have my PJFT in a few weeks, and then the interview following. It has all been rather quick, as I do not finish my degree until summer '10! Though my AFCO did say if I get a date for Raleigh before I have finished my degree I can "postpone" it. You wait now Ive written this I'llstill be waiting for a date in summer '11!!
  11. Crikey i'm not sure i would have put in so much effort replying!!! 8)
  12. Mate i can't stand the sight of blood!!! I was on a remote medics course a few years ago in Hereford and we had to disect a Pigs eye..........i wasn't happy one bit!!! :oops: Funny how i can deal with trauma without batting an eyelid though!!! :roll:

    ladybird books as in Matlot blue hat and Billy bootneck and his green hat??? :wink:
  13. Weird innit. Seen a few sights as i'm sure you have but give me a scalpel and ask me to disect an eyeball and i'm a jibbering spakka!!!

  14. That right there is the most accurate thing you've ever posted.
  15. Back on topic, ASK THE AFCO!
  16. Spoken like a true "postie" NZ. :wink:
  17. Yeah your mum jibbered like a spakka when i placed my pork sword up her wrongun aswell!!! 8)

    And so it continues!!!

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