Application going no further


App for Comms Rating going no further as I do not appear to have relevant IT qualification.

I spoke with Live Chat and the recruitment line before I submitted app and was told my qualifications and test score of 85 would allow me to apply. I also got email advising that my basic eligibility had been checked and all was fine and would be passed to RFA.

However letter from head of recruitment today advising that qualifications I have are not sufficient.

I have tried calling them but no answer. Should I query this? Or waste no time and submit application for another role?

Gcse in IT or equivalent.

I have GCSE in Keyboarding Applications and RSS stage 1 in Computer Literacy and IT.

Live Chat and the lady i spoke to on recruitment line said these were fine and would allow me to apply. Letter from head of RFA recruitment says otherwise.

I don't want to waste anyone's time. Is it worth questioning or shall I just apply for alternative role.

personally i would question it. if you can pass the RT this means you can pass the training, you got a higher RT than i did and i passed comms training without a glitch. and if they still say no just join the real navy ;)


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They will have had so many apps they're looking for excuses to reject. On this occasion you won't be successful. Either wait for the next recruitment drive or apply for another branch if one takes your fancy.
Just my opinion.


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Goose, weren't you encouraged by Recruitment to go for Comms cos of your RT score? Originally you looked at SG2? Go for that mate, stick another app in and see what happens.
Yes 5oclockhero that's right. I called RFA and discussed my test score and qualifications with them. I discussed everything with the Live Chat team and then over the phone with the applications team to confirm I met the eligibility for Comms before I submitted my app. But even after that the Head of recruitment has wrote a letter and said the application won't progress as I do not have relevant qualification after all.

I'm not too disheartened and have already submitted my application for SG2.

Is it worth calling RFA to discuss Comms app and qualifications? Or am I just wasting everyone's time and just better off concentrating on SG2 app now?



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You've got your SG2 app in, that's good. In the meantime, it might be worth having a chat again about the requirements for Comms. Could be that they've had alot of apps from people more qualified than yours. On another day, you might have got in. Set your mind at rest n phone them.
Thanks for the advice 5oclockhero.

I think I know that it won't help my Comms App. But as you say it may help put my mind at ease and also give me an idea whether a future app for Comms in the future would be worthwhile.

Hopefully I will be successful with SG2 App and that will be irrelevant.
I am back in the game.

I have rang RFA today and they have checked my qualifications and I am eligible to apply for Comms role so my application has been put forward.

Fingers crossed.
Yeah glad I decided to chase it up rather than just accepting it and going for the SG2.

Very excited now and hoping that I get past SIFT and get invited for an interview.

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