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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ripper, Dec 7, 2009.

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  1. When completing your applcation form for the RN how many job options can you put down? Can you adjust it if you have sent it in as well?

  2. Ripper

    You can only put down for one job at a time and you can never go up so I would suggest you put down the top job you want and go from there. Might want to consider putting in for 1SL and work down.

    Good Luck and Welcome to the RN
  3. 1SL?? I sent my application form in 8 months ago and i put down AET and want to put more jobs down! I thought you could put 3 jobs down at once? I need to pass my RT first!!

  4. Ripper, My advice to you is to wait and see what you score for in your RT and then decide what job to go for from there.

    Out of curiosity, why has it taken so long from your application to sitting your RT ?

    Trigger 8)
  5. this is my 2nd attempt.

  6. If you fail for AET but pass for something else I believe they'll talk you through your options for applying to a different branch anyway. If you don't want to phone your AFCO and ask this question, which I advise you to do, I'd just wait and see how your RT goes.
  7. Two
  8. are you certain? i plan to put AH as 2nd option?? Ripper
  9. Ripper, how far away is your nearest AFCO?
  10. get a bus into town mate..why? Ripper
  11. Go in and see them !! 8o
  12. Its two. Look at the application, first option there is, then theres 2nd option. Is there 3rd? i cant see it, it says 2 options.
  13. If you write really really really small, then you might be able to fit 3 in! :?
  14. Just seems that you have enough questions to make a trip to see them worthwhile.
  15. Ripper,

    No offence here but you're worried about failing your RT test again and yet you spend a large amount of time in these forums asking pointless questions.

    You're worried about your application form but that's not going to matter if you fail the RT. You need to get your priorities in order and stay focused.

    Don't you think you're head should be in the books?
  16. i will agree with you! I am in doubt about the RT and i am very nervous about it too. Ripper
  17. Then get the **** off and revise you twunt!
  18. Ripper
    Did you even get your own name right on the application form?

    Forget being a WAFU and really forget about being a WE, if your really must try and join the Navy please try for Steward, that way you can't mess up anything important.
  19. Ripper

    You've got 3 threads running asking the same questions and getting the same answers. FFS take the advice, get off the forums amd REVISE using the books you've bought or google the fcuking tests now go away and REVISE :twisted: :twisted:

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