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Application for sun dodger


I'm in the process of applying for the royal navy and i thought I might post on this forum to share my experience.

I'm going in as a fellow sun dodger as a WSST and have so far passed 2 stages, the first being psychometric test and second interview.

With the psychometric test I realised if I prepared well then I gave myself the best shot of passing the 4 units. Practice the test the RN give you but have a look online for further tests as this helped me alot. If you still know any of your old teachers or have any friends then ask them to help and buy them a beer or two (if you're old enough) as a thanks. Since I hadn't done some of the maths questions included in the test since high school, which was 9 years ago, I asked a friend who's a maths teacher to help.

Anyway another recommerecommendation would be turn up at the ACFO smartly dressed as first impressions always count imo. In the test try not to get bogged down with questions as time does fly by, guessed last 3 on maths. Passed the test though as they called the candidates that I assume failed out of the room (nerve-wracking moment).

Next was my interview, again suited and booted. Turned up 45 minutes early as letter I had was incorrect time. Interviewer asked about my life so far (which isn't squeaky clean i must admit) asked me my achievements and my failings so far. General knowledge on my role and what subs operate in the rn. Motivation is a key question, mine was my son and wanting to make family proud as well as getting a unique career. Passed interview as well, which now brings me to the medical stage which is in may.

The medical questionnaire was tricky as I don't remember alot of stuff that happened to me as a child in terms of medical. Called acfo who assured me just put what you had treatment and any cases you went to hospital. Panic over. Hoping that goes well and passes.

Only worry I have is the debt issue I, I'm gradually paying for former debts that I accumulated in my younger years, I'm paying each one off gradually but probably looking at going into debt management plan before sc comes up. I'll be paying well within my means if I was successfull.

Any hints or tips would be grateful for the next stages.


Unrelated to the SC and debt part but as for the medical don't worry about it is the biggest piece of advice, a lot of people over think all the small details and make more of it than it actually is (not saying don't prepare/think about it) just tell them what you know and they do the rest.

good luck.
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