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Hi all

I am posting looking for advice about current recruitment application process? Help and info is much appreciated.

I'm part way through an application in to sub service and about a month or so ago, I failed a medical telephone assessment due to a few old injuries. There is no issue really but I understand the reasoning. My GP has sent my medical history over to AFCO medical, which has been received and recently I've been told I will have to do pre-fitness test soon but no date confirmed.

When I log into portal it no longer has the role I applied for, instead it says RN RATING (DEFERRED). I'm also not having much luck getting through to warrant officer on phone. Should I be worried? Has anyone else had this experience now or previously? I'm thinking there may be delays due to covid, but I'm quite anxious to book fitness test and crack on with next stage of application.

Again any info is much appreciated.
The Royal Navy recruit portal is known for having loads of bugs/issues with it, so if you've been told you are no longer [deferred] and it hasn't updated I would say they are nothing to be concerned about. My deferral has been accepted a while back and still says it so I would say that the recruit portal just has issues with updating.

Also most of the recruiting team (least in my area anyway) are working from home due to covid, so that may be why you aren't getting any responses, I would recommend sending an email to your recruiter if you can't get in touch over the phone. Also, with the new covid tier, the gyms are closed at the moment.

Note: I am not apart of royal navy staff, and I am giving you the information based on what I've experienced with the joining process. Hope it may of helped you.

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