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Application Cooldown

Afternoon all,

I originally applied to join the Royal Navy as a Warfare Officer about 2 years ago, when I put in a joint application to the RN and the RAF (as a Pilot). I "failed" the medical on my hearing, which was at the level required for Pilot in the RAF, and never appealed as I started a decent civvy job the week before. For context, I was roughly 1-2db below or above the required ranking - I can't remember how it was scored, but I wasn't a million miles away. I had a private retest done more recently and was told I had absolutely no hearing loss at all.

I was getting a bit bored in my civvy job at the beginning of the year, so I got back in contact with my AFCO. I looked to restart an application to solely the RN, and if I were to fail the hearing test again, this time I would appeal. My original application was still open, but was shelved; they were basically waiting for an appeal that never came. The recruiter was happy to reopen my application and I just had to retake the medical. In a turn of fate I got promoted within my civvy job and it picked back up, so I withdrew my application before retaking any medical etc.

I now want to join the RNR as a General Duty Reserve Officer. I requested an application and when I logged into the recruitment portal I am greeted with my old application, which has the message "This application is no longer active and you are not yet allowed to reapply. Please come back on 16/07/2020 00:00:00". When I open this application it says I was rejected. Now I passed every step before the medical, and my recruiter never "rejected" my application, I withdrew it. I have no option to start an application for the RNR, and when I spoke to the navy recruitment office this morning they said there is sometimes a cool down between applications and to speak to my AFCO on Monday as they would be able to provide more specific information to my case.

I was just wondering if anyone else had encountered this issue? Am I seriously going to have to wait until 16th July next year to start an application for the RNR, when I withdrew my previous application off my own accord.....??

Thanks in advance for any replies!
We have General Duties Officers?

On topic - Only the AFCO can reset your status, As far as I know.

My bad, I meant to put General Entry. I was also considering RMR so I got crossed over between Duties and Entry. Doesn't look like I can edit the message body to change it unfortunately (not sure if an admin can?).

From what you are saying, is it possible that my AFCO can reset my status, the date isn't necessarily set in stone?
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