Appeals to air crewman medical rejection.

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by stokers64, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. My friend whom I am going through the air crewman process with has been dealt a gash hand at the final stage of his medial has been told to wait 12 months but feels seen off a bit and want to know is there a way to appeal? he has been told he cant appeal but like all things in the RN I am sure there is a way? Any advice please.
  2. He should have questioned it at the time and asked for a in depth explanation as to why he has been passed over for 12 months.

    As an ex crewie the medical was and has always been the main worry to all initiates.

    Why didn't he ask us himself? Shy?

    Of my course some 60% were rejected at the medical phase. Just concetrate on getting yourself through it gets tougher, (pressure), when you get to your training establishment.
  3. he did ask at the time but was told to wait for his letter which will follow, I thank god passed the medical phase and waiting for my grading another head ache and one of many no doubt,

    As for him asking himself he is not into the web forum thing.

    As much as I want to help I am concentrating on my own grading, cant help but fee sorry for my oppo. Not nice as he options were do thing or go out side as he is turbo thredders with main stream naval life. Never mind hey.
  4. Theres not a lot you can do about it pal, it's all down to the doc at the end of the day. What did he fail on? If he can go back after 12 months then it can't be all that bad???

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