Appeals - after medical phone call

Ronald Avy

Hi there,
I applied to join the Royal Navy Reserves, and had my phone call from the Triage Nurse went through the questions that she asked.

My application isn't going to be allowed to proceed because of a medical issue I have. I had as a child Anorexia (this was 18 years ago when I got over it). I am not trying to 'ask for a waiver' but the nurse on the phone implied that I might be able to get someone on the appeals to look at me, as an individual case, and may be able to pass me fit even if she couldn't. - is this possible? She said that 'I can't look at you as an individual but through appeals they can'

Also the guidelines given after the recruitment tests seem to have got rid of 'Anorexia and bulimia' part of the list of medical conditions that bar entry.... where older documents have it on...

I don't want to get my hope up if there is no chance of it.
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