Hi. Just been declared medically unfit due to diagnosis on records of OCD. However medical notes show that all the symptoms were actually emetophobia (I was scared of being physically sick) aged 10/11. I had 7 sessions CBT (no medication), realised what a prat I'd been and have never had any fear of it since. This can be seen by further visits for immunisations pre university, having been sick since (freshers!) And no further involvement of professionals. I want to be an engineer. Have straight A* AT A Level and am gutted that something that was a minor issue 8 years ago is going to affect my chosen career in the Navy. Is it worth appealing (or do they class anxiety based emetophobia as OCD . I have seen journals where they say it is not). Would I need further medical evidence or do I send in the notes for the Navy medical Dr to decide eith my appeal. Thanks in advance.


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The medical standards themselves are non-negotiable but you can appeal if you have medical evidence that disputes the diagnosis and currently about 70% of appeals that produce the required evidence are upheld in favour of the applicant.

The advice is take your time, get the supporting qualified evidence required but be careful when claiming "It wasn't x, it was y" in case y is also a bar to entry.

The standards applied are outlined in JSP 950, Section 4, annex L:

So far as I'm aware, regardless of age you are allowed 1 x course of treatment for anxiety of less than 1yr duration...but you have to wait 2 years from completion of treatment.

2 x treatments for less than 12 months is 4 years from the latest completion of treatment/counselling.

Any continuous period of more than 12 months treatment is a bar to entry.


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Thanks for these. I received a letter from Capita dated 8/1/18 but have not received a letter from AFCO. - is this normal or is it lost in the post? Thanks for the link - very useful @photface

The AFCO letter sometimes takes a little while to come through but there is no need to wait for it while you start gathering evidence. Get together everything you have and a good idea would also be to visit your current GP and get a completely clean bill of (mental and physical) Health. Ask your GP to write a letter stating that you had emetophobia and that you were treated (get them to write exact dates, details of treateaments) and that you have not complained of this since ‘x’ date.

If you believe that the OCD diagnosis was not a correct one then just gather literally everything you have about it plus that GP letter and then go for it. Hope is not lost until they say no to your appeal :)

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I've got the original person that diagnosed OCD to reassess me based on further evidence to show cured emetophobia. Providing a positive outcome and evidence the phobia is cured and not been evident for 7 years (including 2 hours of vomiting) do you think this will be enough evidence for an S2?


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Literally the only way you’ll find out is if you appeal. The only people who can overthrow a medical decision are the people in the Service Entry Medical Cell. Unfortunately, for you this will be an appeal and wait situation and there is no one who can tell you any more than that. It’s crap but that’s the way it is.

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Well I have been reassessed today by the original Dr and now have a diagnosis of NO PSYCHIATRIC DISORDER. Past history of anxiety related symptoms 2007 - 2010 which is now resolved. Lets hope that is enough !! Appeal written and ready to go. (would you include all medical history or just the relevant parts)

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