Appealing failed medical (eyesight)


Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone could offer advice regarding my PMU medical status.

Basically, I had my initial medical in Jan 15 and was placed TMU for a few reasons - one of them being eyesight. This was odd as I'd had my eyesight tested at Boots and was classed as VA3.

Fast forward to Oct 15, and I have my second medical. The doctor agrees that I reach VA3 standard (6/6 left eye and 6/9 right eye, unaided), but then proceeds to fail my on grounds of inadequate eyesight.

The thing is, I'm applying for RNR officer, and the requirements for this are only VA3! Absolutely baffled by the doctor's decision.

So, I have two questions:
1. Is this worth an appeal? I really think I've been classified incorrectly by CAPITA.
2. Within a category (VA3), are there more stringent eyesight requirements for particlar roles (e.g. RNR officer?) Or is simply being VA3 standard acceptable.

This is the bit I find confusing - I have been classified as VA3 standard, but failed for a role which only requires VA3 eyesight. In the medical, the doctor got a different chart out (it had two columns starred EE* and this was the document he failed on, which I find weird).

Many thanks to anyone for advice.



War Hero
If you are graded visual acuity (VA) standard 3 by the optician, fully meeting both corrected & uncorrected parameters, comply with the laser eye surgery eligibility criteria then as long as you are graded VA3, CP4 regardless of Maritime Reserve Officer branch, you would outwardly appear to have grounds to request a medical review: library/br 3/Br3book/Matrix RNRRMR.pdf

My guess is the Medical Examiner may have incorrectly applied regular service Warfare Officer eyesight standards.

Good luck.