Appealing a medical decision!

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by exMMM, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. I will cut a long story short here and get to the point. I left the corp around 9 months ago with a clean medical record and a satisfactory leaving medical. I have since applied to join RMR and have been refused entry as my medical records show some bi-lateral hearing loss. This would be understandable if I had gone from let's say H1 I'm both lugs to H4, however I was discharged with H2 hearing in both ears( joined with H1) which is the requirement! I have appealed this decision and recieved a letter today stating that their decision still stands and that I have no grounds for appeal!
    So, what can I do now? I am threaders with the decision and would like to appeal it again, or at least be able to take a full medical to show my competence!
    Any ideas?

    Peel it back, make it sick!
  2. Write a letter asking them how they came to the decision and whether standards have changed since you left. If the answer still isn't satisfactory and want to fight the decision, it will be a very, very hard fight that will last several years. I can attest to it having been mucked about when joining up. However, I didn't give in and succeeded. Happy to reply via pm if you want to chat about how I got in eventually.
  3. If you only left 9 months ago and are now unfit for military service contact the RBL and claim a war pension from the government. Sounds like an over zealous admin clerk but what is the joining standards for the RMR? _
  4. The joining standards are exactly the same as for RM. I have been looking into the war pension side of things and also the compensation scheme, but I don't want to admit defeat just yet. I have a 'contact' who has suggested going through the corp colonels office as they may be able to get some proper answers. Like you said, I think at this point it's down to some clerk who has just followed procedure and sent me a generic letter without looking into my appeal correctly! They have even stated themselves that I meet the requirements! No surrender!

    Peel it back, make it sick!

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