Discussion in 'Charity' started by Levers_Aligned, Nov 4, 2011.

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  1. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator


    My daughter Amy died on 20 October. She was 27. She was breifly in the mob as a OM (UW) in 2000-01 and left to have her daughter, now nine. Amy contracted Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in July 2009. It came out of nowhere - she was a normal, ordinary mum doing her stuff and getting on with her life then 'bang', suddenly you're faced with a life threatening disorder. So she went into QA for six months or so (with short breaks in between) for six lots of chemotherapy which unfortunately failed to put her into permanent remission. In February 2010 she then went into Southampton General for a bone marrow graft which left her clinging onto life. All you see on the movies and soaps reference this treatment is a bit fanciful - she looked at one stage like she had crawled from a plane crash site. It took time ... four months to be precise ... but she came out of hospital and gradually learned what it was like to live again - she even took a holiday long promised for herself in St Lucia with her daughter. But in August this year she was rediagnosed as terminal and after a short scrap to satisfy our needs to be near her during her final moments, succumbed to her fate. You have possibly seen articles on her in the Pompey News recently ... hundreds at her funeral on 01 November at Portchester Crematorium. Real tribute to her brilliance and adorability.

    I've set up a JustGiving account for Cure Leukaemia. I think its time we saw the and other cancers stopped. She leaves a massive chasm in our lives. Please donate, if you can. We have nearly five grand already and that's just in a week and a bit.

    All the best

  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    B u m p.......
  3. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

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  4. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Bump. Charity now at £5696!

    Brilliant stuff and thanks to all.


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