Appeal against knee injury


My son received his letter from capita saying he is medically unfit. No grade and it doesn't say if it's permanent or temporary. He had a tibial spine injury to his knee in 2010, 8 years ago. he had a screw put in and then removed. They have said this is an intra articular fracture. Such history precludes entry to the armed services. The injury was fixed and has caused no issues or loss of function. He plays football and runs etc. Can we appeal against this decision and has anyone with the same injury been successful. He is gutted.


Whilst I am not a medical officer (or indeed serving in any capacity at the moment) I have been through the medical appeals process and can give some general advice.

The main thing to know about the process is that you cannot appeal against the standards set by the Navy in JSP 950 (the musculoskeletal section can be found here). This means that even if you feel fit, healthy and ready to join, a condition listed in the document as being a bar to entry will always be a bar to entry (usually referred to as being 'graded P8' in the document).

That said, if his condition has been mis-diagonsed as an intra-articular fracture, and you can get a GP letter proving this to be the case, then you should be able to successfully appeal.

Hope this helps.


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Best bet?

Get all the medical evidence together and send it via the AFCO with a covering letter acknowledging the medical rejection letter dated dd/mm/yyyy with the request for a medical review to determine under what, if any, circumstances an individual with this specific injury could, in future, meet the medical standard for entry.

Best o'luck.