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...the world is going to end tomorrow. That bloody great CERN particle accelerator is going to be switched on and it'll form a black hole that will devour the planet :blob6: . The bods who know about these things (Ian Dury and the Blockheads: There ain't half been some clever bastards :walk: ) say that's aloadofbollox. I'm not sure.

Might just stay in bed. :sleepy2:

Well according to this chap

they probably won't form and, if they do, will dissipate almost instantaneously. He will be in line for a Nobel Prize if they do form.


War Hero
The world could end tomorrow? But tomorrow never comes will we be forever chasing the end?
They think they have fooled us all; but not all of us have been. It's all just a cover for the testing of a new death ray machine for the Swiss Navy. It is funded by the rest of Europe and certain others to ensure continued neutrality.


War Hero
Is it a last gasp Nu labour PR stunt?

Perhaps that scottish cnut GB has some top secret outer space policy that he will inform us about in tomorrows papers. Saving us from utter destruction.... Yeah cheers.


So this is what the Swiss have been up to...all those centuries of peace and neutrality. And ofcourse it's on the French border, the french are always the easiest...

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