Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, May 1, 2008.

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  1. First of all, let me Apologise openly and unreservedly to anyone on this site that i have upset in one way or another.

    Lets try to get this site back to what it was.

    For those of my detractors who are unable to accept my apology for whatever reason, then let us cut a deal.

    If you will stop telling lies about me, then i will stop telling the truth about you.

    I will not be the first to break this obligation.

    Why not put a mental sticky on your computer, words to the effect that before you press the submit button, you are certain that, that is what you want to say, Cos HTP the obnoxious barstard bites back.
  2. What the fuck are you going on about now Hig? Sharp, witty and sometimes cutting responses at times but generally no real bother ... or have I missed something?

  3. I offer an Olive Branch to EVERYONE that i have upset, how am i supposed to reply to that?
  4. I have just recieved a PM and there are some that i do not post, but in reply to it, let me say that it gives me no pleasure when someone leaves because of me, which is the way i percieve things to be, the apology is to everyone from Chico to the Mods
  5. Bless! Welcome back Higgy. :bounce:
  6. You've never upset me Hig. You're my best bloody mate you are, hic!
  7. Just a point of order Higs. What made a man of your calibre sink to the same level as the MOD who tried shit stirring. From what I can read in this post this is a bit of a shit stir and should not be forthcoming from a man of your intellect and experience
  8. Slim i am getting old, i do not give a feck anymore, i have often been portrayed as the bad one on here, that is the least of my worries, i have only ever said what i feel about the Mods on here, and if telling the truth makes me a slagger off then so be it, as for Brazen Hussey it doesn`t really matter, it is sad from my point of view that people on here do not understand what was written, who fecking cares? to Brazen Hussey let me say something that my Grandfather used to say when my Grandmother gave him a hard time,

    Is d`ocha nach seans ar bith ann?

    He had a beutiful Irish Brogue.
  9. Higs of course your the bad one, FFS your an ex handler, bad goes with the trade badge :thumright:
    Just remembered the name of a Handler I served at Tain range with Stan St George, remember him? Is he still around?
  10. Hig
    You're alright.
  11. Higs, I'm sure at some point we'll cross pointy stick barb thingys with each other, so I'm going to bank your apology if you bank mine. I kinda of like your posts, they remind me of my grandpa's wit and sense of haha.
  12. Who can possibly argue with that statement there is nothing to bank, I`m not a vindictive person, But French Canadians and Canadians, give me a break.
  13. Now, now Hig. If we hadn't invented Canada, we'd never have discovered Maple syrup! o_O
  14. FFS - I have been totally baffled by this entire idiocy. I won't accept any apology from Higs for the simple fact that I don't think that he needs to offer one. I can't say welcome back because in my mind he has never left us. He is abrasive and ascerbic; but in my book those are plus points and I can overlook the fact that he lives in Scotlingshire. Let's move on folks, this is life not a rehearsal.

  15. Dear Higgy

    As you have never upset me I find it impossible to accept your appology, and equally I must admit that other than the french bird I cannot think why you would need to appologise, stop moaning and get on with life RR and the rest of it.
  16. Higgy,

    Totally agree with Maxi 77 and others. What is the point of having this facility if not to air our views? Should people not agree with you then its up to them to defend themselves in proper debate. Carry on scribing.......
  17. Hig Gloria sit mundi....... ;)
  18. No need...said, done, nothing wrong...welcome again Hig..
  19. Nice to see you back Hig, for what it's worth I don't think you have done anything to warrant an apology. I enjoyed reading your posts, often found them laugh out loud funny, I think you did more than you realise to make this site as enjoyable as it was. It seems much of the over-moderating is dying down a bit so it might return to that.

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