Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by lauralovestodig, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. lauralovestodig- i work as a landscape gardener for sheffields wildlife trust during my free time from study. i am but an architecture student.

    as far as getting anyone into trouble or making a serious complaint. NOT MY INTENTION. if i were to complain you can believe it would be through the appropriate channels.

    i decided to put the racism post up, perhaps foolishly, out of interest not malice!!
    But yes maybe i should have stuck to 'bell bottoms, thier place in a modern force-discuss??'

    if i upset anybody i apologise

  2. That would be interesting actually! :lol:

    So have you applied for your AIB? already had it?
  3. i posted the bell bottomm thread ages ago !
  4. tell me roger, what was the outcome of the thread?
    are bell bottoms still relevant? I dearly hope so.
  5. I used to love my Bell Bottoms , only 5 creases though as I'm only a short arse bxxxxxxxd , 5'7 , :?
  6. when did the RN stop wearing bell bottoms?
  7. Mid 70's.
  8. not sure when,70's i think. us bigger buggers had 7 creases, 1 for each of the 7 seas we ruled. the 3 stripes on collar were for nile,copenhagen and trafalgar.
  9. Dear Roger,

    What rubbish.
  10. 7 seas and stripes on the collar.
  11. I was told it was the 7 seas but if you was a shortarse you had 5 creases for the Oceans.As far as i have found out the stripes were purely ornamental and nothing to do with the 3 battles of nelson.
  12. gentlemen.......I would refer to your No's 1's

    surely we still wear bell-bottoms......but only for ceremonials?


    oikinton-smyth AB RNR
    ps my father said it'd make a man of me.
  13. my dad told me the only reason they wore bell bottoms was because it is easier to take them off over the top of your shoes... i have the feeling he might have been lying now i am a grown up.

    revenge- yes i am going to make him saulte me when i am an officer
  14. They were made like it so it was easy to roll them up whilst Holystoning the decks.
  15. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    If I'm not mistaken, this is Current Affairs. Laura's apology is appropriate and welcome. Thereafter the thread degenerates. Take it to the Quarterdeck or 'Lil's please.

  17. I dont think so !!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Think how fake-looking the uniform has become. Jacket zips up and the bow is now a pre-sewn thing (it's no longer a tape you tie yourself - the bow comes ready made now). It is attached to the silk which clips inside your jumper. :? Add to that the '70s flares and you get a not very matelotish looking thing...
  19. Bell bpttoms: Uniform trials of the "new" type of square rig unform werre started in mid-1972. About 6 types were offered including one similar to the Dutch pattern. I think in 1973 a vote was taken and the present pattern of uniform was adopted as being nearest to the seven seas bell bottoms.with little change to the milk churn lid.

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