lauralovestodig- i work as a landscape gardener for sheffields wildlife trust during my free time from study. i am but an architecture student.

as far as getting anyone into trouble or making a serious complaint. NOT MY INTENTION. if i were to complain you can believe it would be through the appropriate channels.

i decided to put the racism post up, perhaps foolishly, out of interest not malice!!
But yes maybe i should have stuck to 'bell bottoms, thier place in a modern force-discuss??'

if i upset anybody i apologise



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not sure when,70's i think. us bigger buggers had 7 creases, 1 for each of the 7 seas we ruled. the 3 stripes on collar were for nile,copenhagen and trafalgar.


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I was told it was the 7 seas but if you was a shortarse you had 5 creases for the Oceans.As far as i have found out the stripes were purely ornamental and nothing to do with the 3 battles of nelson.

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