Apologising for historical events.


War Hero
Right I'm p!ssed off with all this apologizing thats going on for things that neither I nor my ancestors had any control over. So lets start a list of other historical (hysterical) subjects for which we must grovel on our knees to appease the victims.
He's a start.

1.Burning of Witches (well perhaps my ancestors may have dabbled a little with this one)

2. Sending children down the mines and into the mills. :sad:

3. Putting nagging wives in ducking stools (Bring this one back?) :razz:

4. Expecting Chavs to work for a living rather than living off benefits which of course is part of their human rights. :twisted:

Please feel free to add your comments and suggestions.
5. Hanging, drawing and quartering Cromwell's co-signatories on Charles I's Death Warrant.

6. National Service only for men.

7. Imprisoning, torturing, executing and denying basic human rights to gays!

8. Not paying pensions to matelots who joined after 1947(?) and 1974 who did less than 22 years service (man's time).

9. For the Norwich Pogrom.

10. Hig doing the Cannes Can!


War Hero
Apologies should be made to all Gingas for playground teasing and later workplace discrimination, large financial settlements for counselling (mines a Guinness) should be made at once, proof of course is not expected to be provided as a Gingas word is his bond.


Lantern Swinger
I'd like to continue the list by apologising on behalf of the United Kingdom for:

11) Colonising one fifth of the world's land-surface. This has brought backwater tribesmen the agony of having to live with western infrastructure.

12) Splitting the atom. We discovered how to do it and hence are to blame for any and all nuclear war, Chernobyl and such.

13) Selling arms to the unionist forces during the American Civil War, allowing those yankees to fight the confederates to free the slaves. So that's a big sorry y'all to all you dead rednecks shot by our rifles.

14) At the same time selling arms to the confederate forces during the same American Civil War and hence ever giving those rednecks a chance to believe that the South shall rise ag'in!

15) Repeatedly sinking the French fleet time and time again. We realise its just not sporting to win all the time, and we ought to have let you win once in a while.


Lantern Swinger
Can we apologise for having an industrial revolution and starting global warming.

And while we are on the subject sorry for sending our chaps to witness the nuclear tests on Bikini Atoll.


Lantern Swinger
Actually, something I do really feel that Great Britain should stand up and apologise for, allowing the chav culture to proliferate from South London into a national problem, covering the UK like a repulsive skin diesease. But actions speak louder than words, and by means of apology the authorities should take both active and passive measures to eliminate the 'yoof kultur' before the infection spreads and we contaminate France, Spain, Germany, Italy even the USA might catch it.

If the chavs become a global epidemic then we really would have something to apologise for.


War Hero
I thought the Chavs were the modern version of the sharons and kevs of the 80's......... they faded an grew up so will the chavs........