Apartment for Rent


> A businessman meets a beautiful girl and agrees to spend the night
> with her for $500. So they do. Before he leaves, he tells her that he
> does not have any cash with him, but he will have his secretary write a
> check and mail it to her, calling the payment "RENT FOR APARTMENT."
> On the way to the office he regrets what he has done, realizing that
> the whole event was not worth the price. So he has his secretary send a
> check for $250 and enclosed the following typed note:
> Dear Madam: Enclosed you will find a check in the amount of $250 for
> rent of your apartment. I am not sending the amount agreed upon, because
> when I rented the apartment, I was under the impression that:
> 1) it had never been occupied
> 2) that there was plenty of heat
> 3) that it was small enough to make me feel cozy and at home.
> However, I found out that it had been previously occupied, that there
> wasn't any heat, and that it was entirely too large.
> Upon receipt of the note, the girl immediately returned the Check for
> $250 with the following note:
> Dear Sir, First of all, I cannot understand how you expect a beautiful
> apartment to remain unoccupied indefinitely. As for the heat, there is
> plenty of it, if you know how to turn it on. Regarding the space, the
> apartment is indeed of regular size, but if you don't have enough
> furniture to fill it, please don't blame the landlady. Send the rent in
> full or we will be forced to contact your present landlady.
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